Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci welcome their first-born son

Robbie Amell and Italia Ricci are celebrating the birth of their baby boy, Robert Amell V.

Ricci gave birth to a little baby Robert on Thursday weighing nine pounds. Sharing details to celeb news outlet Entertainment Tonight, the new mom says:

“We are definitely resting well and eating all of the things I wasn’t allowed when pregnant.”

The Supergirl actress also took to Twitter to share the exciting and heart-warming news to fans. Posting a photo of her newborn son, the actress writes on the caption: “Today we welcome Robert Amell V into the world.”

But also find out that being triple extra pregnant increases your odds of birthing Gollum,” the actress quipped.

The actress previously shared her experience with pregnancy to the outlet back in July saying “it’s not so much fun.” Catching up with Amell and Ricci during the Hallmark TCA red carpet the couple was very happy to share details.

“According to what I’ve been reading and when I post something and I get feedback from fans, I’ve had a very easy pregnancy luckily,” the Rome in Love star says.

“There’s a reason men don’t get pregnant,” Amell added to the conversation, laughing. “I don’t think we could handle it.”

Amell then gushed about his lovely wife during the interview. “Of all of the things that I love about my wife – if our child has even half of them, it’ll be amazing!”

The couple first shared an announcement that they were expecting when Amell posted a pic on Instagram back in April. It showed him faking a baby bump standing across Ricci who actually had one.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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