Research needed for renovating your bathroom on your own

If you are cutting on costs and willing to do-it-yourself, it’s the smart way to go about bathroom Renovation, without compromising on safety standards and understanding what can be done legally.

Seeking suggestions from your friends who have successfully renovated their bathroom is another smart way to decide about doing it yourself. This might give you ideas to add to your 15 must-have bathroom accessories.

Steps to consider before you diy bathroom renovation

    1. Have a solid reason why you need to renovate your bathroom

      Sometimes a small fix here and there gives a solution to everything rather than renovating the bathroom. But sometimes there are one too many reasons to renovate your bathroom, like the tiles look old fashioned and faded. The sink is being repaired more than once in a week, the floor isn’t as straight as you think and so on.

    2. Make a list of things to be repaired   

      A check list is always helpful when you have a hard time remembering things. Make a list of major parts of the bathroom that needs to be repaired or redone. This way you’ll know what you need to purchase to work on your new bathroom.

    3. Schedule the bathroom repair

      You need to keep your family prepared for the repair and arrange for an alternative from them to use temporarily. A disciplined schedule is needed to complete the repair in time unless any major problem in plumbing etc.

    4. Choose the design in advance for renovating your bathroom

      The design of your bathroom is the most important part your plan to renovation. The design should suitable to your taste, space and budget. There are other important factors that you need to think of while designing your bathroom: colour scheme, fixtures, Storage, Utility.

      • Colour scheme: Choosing the right colour for your bathroom which becomes your new favourite colour is vital. Or you might want to choose a tile that will go well in the bathroom. But make sure whatever you choose fits right. Do not have too many colours on the wall or too many different types of tiles.
      • Fixtures: Do you need a new sink or a bathtub? Or you can fix the one you had already instead of investing on a new one? These are the major decisions that will help you in your budget planning as well as the checklist.
      • Storage: This is something every bathroom needs, storage. The fun behind renovating bathroom is to make new surprising changes for your family to love. A secret storage spot will be a great addition to the new bathroom.
      • Utility: This is one the toughest part of renovation. If you’re not sure about doing this yourself, you can always call on for the professional do it for you, so that you don’t have to regret it. The electrical wirings, plumbing are the major parts that needs to be done right.
    5. Do not forget to waterproof!

      Waterproofing the bathroom is essential to prevent leakage to damage the structural damage and to keep the termites away.

    6. Shower screens, do you need them?

      Has it always been a fantasy to get a shower screen in your bathroom to get a classy look? Now is the right time to get a glass shower screen which is a smart approach for bathroom renovation. Adding a glass shower will surely change the whole look of the bathroom. There are different kinds of glass shower screen, like fully frameless glass shower, frameless sliding shower screen, hinged door for bath etc., But it’s crucial to use safety precautions first before you decide to DIY. Also, you might want a professional to do it to avoid stress of breaking of the glass.

    7. Bathroom accessories

      Minimise mess and have more storage. Throw all the items that have expired and keep only the ones you need. Use racks or shelves that will help you separate the towels from the other items in the bath.
      Avoid cluttering the towels and organise them on the towel bars that you can keep using and replacing it with the fresh washed ones. You can even choose having hooks to hang towels, or towel stand in the bathroom.
      Organise your medicines in the storage with the 4-tier containers or pill organisers. Make sure you add and dedicate a rack in the storage for the first aid box.
      Keep the hair products in order and in a place where it’s reachable for you. You might want to have a vanity for all the hair products or a shelf to keep it with the hair dryer, brush and others.
      Suctions holders can be a pain sometimes, but you can get a good quality one that will have your loofah, and other items close to your reach and doesn’t soak other things in the bathroom.
      Corner shelves will have your soap and other essential oils for your bathtub. This is the area that gets wet the most and it’s also the best place for few of your bathroom accessories.
      Dental supplies, how can you forget to brush and take care of your teeth? An organised place for them is also important with the auto soap dispenser.
      Lastly, paper rolls. Having a toilet paper stand or the traditional toilet paper holder beside the commode is a smart choice.


The renovating bathroom can be fun yet tiring and scary. If even one wire is fixed to the wrong one, it’s disastrous. The key point here is to do as much as you can and leave the rest for the professionals to finish. This way you will be happy with the work you have done without any regrets of ruining anything. Also, your renovation will be done in the scheduled time.


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