Reliable software tools to protect you from online hackers

Through means of antivirus protection or security measures that ward off infiltrators, there are tools out there to keep your data safe. Every system in the world of commerce will be vulnerable to a form of malware, either through a dubious website, a spam email or just a random breach where someone somewhere has accessed your details.

There are important factors to consider though before blindly agreeing to a software package for security purposes. It should achieve to tackle a number of challenges, all the while leaving you with no concerns or drama to worry about:

  • Does it scan for email and USB?
  • Does it implement firewalls to cut off a virus at the pass?
  • Does the antivirus software apply to all formats within your system (documents, web browsers, images etc.)?
  • And does the package only take up a limited amount of space on your drive?

With those key performance indicators front of mind, let’s explore some software applications domestically and overseas that can meet this challenge head on.

Symantec Norton Security Premium

Norton have cornered the antivirus and malware environment for many years and given what they have produced in 2017 and promise to do again in 2018, there is little reason for customers to shift their habits now. Australia’s PC Mag is given the tick of approval as the editor’s software of choice this year, excelling at providing the consumer with an efficiently priced package featuring anti-spam, backup, parental control and tune-up.

The Symantec Norton Security Premium deal happens to also cover 10 devices, making it an imperative purchase if you hold a series of laptops, tablets and phones that need simultaneous protection.

Attivo Networks

Titled as one of the premium packages for deception-based threat detection software on the market, Attivo is not an award-winner in the industry by accident. Attivo works to deliver quick response capabilities by operating alongside various third party programs. Users can be beginners or experts with the simple drag and drop platform taking little time to get accustomed to.


One of the great (or not so) ways hackers can infiltrate a system is through phishing attacks. A seemingly non-descript email that might look suspicious to the naked eye can avoid antivirus detection before it is too late.

GreatHorn operates to identify those phishing attacks and close those loopholes that hackers have been utilising for years. The software will lock down the mail stream if suspicious activity is detected and by existing in the cloud, it works in parallel with other mail servers automatically.


As a remote browser application, Bitdefender HVI(Hypervisor Introspection) ranks as one of the premium tools available. The virtual browser is never compromised under this system, canceling out code injection and buffer overflows.

Then there is the Total Security option, one that is equally heralded by PC Mag. Other than providing on back-up, this ticks the boxes for anti-spam, firewall, tune-up and parental control.

Kaspersky Antivirus 2017

In the domain of antivirus software packages, it can be tough for novices to actually understand what on earth is happening with any given scan. What Kaspersky Antivirus 2017 manages to achieve is remove the confusion by offering suites that are packed with value by mastering the basics.

Need new technologies tracked? Done. Dangerous URLs blocked? Sorted. On the metrics of reliability and consistency, there are few better programs that you can opt into for your home or business than Kaspersky Antivirus 2017.

Their Total Security product happens to be more efficient on price, all the while actually featuring more additions like parental control and password management.

Blake Hampton
Blake Hampton
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