5 ways to overcome your fears during recovery from addiction

Earning the ability to tame your fears and leverage them for success is not only a lifetime achievement but also a very critical contributor in recovering from addiction.

It is quite easy for a person struggling with addiction to deny their addiction but it takes great efforts and willpower to accept and seek recovery options.

There are many fears that envelop the mind and force us to quit our journey to sobriety. From fear of withdrawal to fear of failure, every stage of addiction recovery brings a new challenge for the addict to face and overcome.

While there are many fears that make it a tough battle, the fear of embracing a new life without any drugs or alcohol is the biggest of all.  The responsibilities and challenges of the new life seem overwhelming but with determination, are easy to fulfill.

If you are the sort of individual who’s not alright with doing exercises alone or at the gym, you can sign up for yoga or dance sessions or take part in sports activities.

If you’re shy, you would find a few sessions that consist of a small group of individuals, or even special classes that can be conducted at your home in accordance with your timetable.

You could also ask your good friends to attend these sessions with you; if you’re working out with individuals you have confidence in and whose company you prefer, you wouldn’t have any time to even think of smoking and you are going to be much more enthusiastic to get fit!

Experts suggest many ways to overcome these fears. In this article, we will discuss the 5 basic principles of addressing fears in addiction recovery process:

Live in present, not in the past or future

Recovering itself is tiring, amid all the stress of quitting the substance, an individual does not have enough time and mind to spare for the past or the future. And, if you manage to do it somehow, it is sure that you are compromising your present.

You may have to reconcile your past or envisage your future, but, that certainly does not mean you have to be focused or stressed about it.

Equip with positivity to fight negativity

Having negative thought process is quite obvious when you are in rehab. But, thinking overly negative can cause you serious harm. It is important that you think highly of yourself and pursues the idea of positivity. If you try, the positivity in you will help you attain your ultimate goal.

Learn from your past

If you are an addict, you probably have done a lot of mistakes that made you the way you are today. And, as you are on the path of recovery, you must be aware what your mistakes were and how they affected you. It is now time that you learn from your mistakes of the past and gets rid of your shortcomings.

Maintain your own pace

Each individual has a different recovery path. While some may overcome their addiction easily, others may take a while to reach the desired point. It is important that you understand your pace and move accordingly. You must not rush; instead, manage to walk along the path while attaining small goals in your way.

Seek help & support

You can anytime seek help while in the recovery process. It does not mean that you are weak instead prove that you are willing to change. Seek medical help, join an addiction recovery program or just talk to someone in the family or your circle of friends, you will get a solution for your problem.

If one approach doesn’t do the job, do not be frustrated and quickly move on to another technique. With the different choices available to help you during recovery, there’s surely one that would provide you with the desired outcomes.

Remember that you’re already successful once you make the decision to quit! The most important thing is to keep the ball rolling and stay negative substance-free so that you can have a much better and longer life span.


This article is a private opinion based on private research and it shouldn’t be considered as advice.

Talia Williamson
Talia Williamson
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