Prince William and Prince Harry make an effort to “talk more”

Prince William and Prince Harry are striving to work out their relationship amid reports of a falling out. A source for Entertainment Tonight confirmed that the British royals are “talking more and they’re on better footing” after going through a difficult period in the wake of “Megxit.”

“The brothers don’t hate each other as has been reported,” the insider told the entertainment news outlet noting that the two “do talk.”

“The separate households that were created improved the relationship so they weren’t having to talk about business,” the source said referencing Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moving out of Kensington Palace in 2018. Kensington Palace is the home of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The public had anticipated the move suspecting that it was necessary for William to lead a separate household in preparation for his future as king of the United Kingdom.

“The brothers have different futures with very important institutional roles and that created a complicated relationship. Once the households separated, things improved.”

While Prince William is expected to take the throne in the years to come, Prince Harry has taken matters into his own hands after deciding to depart from the royal family with his wife and son, Archie.

“But that’s not to say William and other members of the family weren’t disappointed when Harry and Meghan announced they were no longer choosing to be senior royal members,” the insider continued. The source added that the royalties felt “blindsided” when the two made their announcement, causing an understandable rift within the family.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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