Prime Minister Scott Morrison egged at Albury campaign event

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has become the latest victim of political egging by a protester at a Country Women’s Association (CWA) event on the border between NSW and Victoria.

The 25-year-old woman approached the Prime Minister from behind and threw and egg point-blank. The egg bounced off the Prime Minister’s head and didn’t smash when it hit the floor.

The woman was immediately tackled by security while holding a carton of eggs. An elderly woman was knocked over by subduing security and later helped up by Mr Morrison.

NSW have confirmed the protester has been arrested and charged with common assault.

In a tweet, Mr Morrison expressed that his concern was not for himself but for the woman who was knocked over. He also likened the protester to “cowardly activists” and “militant unionists” who he said harmed small businesses and farmers.

CWA officials were quick to distance themselves from the protester, who they said has no connection to the organisation and is not a member.

This marks the second politician to be egged by a young protester this year, with Fraser Anning being victimised for his alleged white supremacist views.


Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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