What are postnatal recovery shorts and why do you need them?

Pop culture has undoubtedly played a huge role in romanticising pregnancies, and we all buy it up to an extent. Leaving just the craving for food and buying fancy oversized clothes aside, we will discuss here the postnatal recovery. Because a real pregnancy involves much more than just being hungry all the time.

What comes with pregnancy are the extreme fluctuations in hormone levels, changes in the anatomy of your body, and lots more. Whether it is a normal or caesarean delivery, both methods of childbirth will have a great impact on your body. And you need to give yourself enough time and care to recover from that.

Let us discuss postnatal recovery shorts which have become one of the most common ways of aiding postnatal recovery.

What are postnatal recovery shorts?

These shorts are made of medically approved material that helps provide the right amount of compression required to promote recovery after childbirth. These shorts are designed to provide compression in strategic areas so that the muscles in your body are supported.

Caesarean recovery or c-section recovery is a term coined for recovering after a c-section surgery. Postnatal recovery shorts are designed to aid recovery after caesarean as well as normal childbirth. These shorts are worn even during pregnancy and help you perform daily physical activities easily. They can also be worn during light pregnancy exercises to support your lower back muscles.

How do they work?

Postnatal recovery shorts are made to provide you with increased stability when performing tasks such as caring for your baby, bathing, etc. These shorts are devoid of any Velcro, buttons, or zips to help provide a comfortable wearing experience. They can be like the second skin and provide your body with the required support.

Anatomical support panels in these garments are placed to target compression that is ideal for treating conditions such as perineal trauma, c-section wounds, abdominal muscle separation, lower back pain, etc. The compression provided is gentle and constant that does not restrict blood flow in any area of your lower body.

They are much better than c section recovery belts because there is no need to adjust them every time you move or change position. Like a wearable piece of cloth, recovery shorts can also add a novelty to your pregnancy wardrobe along with being helpful in postnatal recovery.

What types are postnatal shorts available in?

Postnatal shorts are available in a wide range of options. They can be divided into three categories based on their lengths. The most common of them include:

  • Full-length leggings

As the name suggests, these leggings work just like the recovery shorts and help cover whole your legs. The amount of compression provided here can be related to the best venous return compared to other options.

They can also be your fashion staple that can be worn as a black legging with anything that suits your style. Along with an occasion-specific top, they can be worn at any place at any time. For example, you might wear them to the gym, while relaxing at home, at work during pregnancy or after your maternity leave, at a wedding, and the list goes on.

On the other hand, first-time wearers might need help to wear them. Once you are used to them, there’s no going back. Also, women living in colder climates might prefer them more than those living in hotter areas.

  • Regular shorts (knee length)

Regular length recovery shorts are great for venous return which is better than that supported by the mini shorts. These can be worn both as an undergarment and outerwear. They can be ideal in the case of normal temperatures outside. They fit well in your gym and leisurewear list likewise. Many women prefer to wear these with a tank top or a tunic.

  • Recovery shorts mini

These are the shortest in the range of recovery shorts available. They can fit under any short dress and are great for wearing as outerwear in hotter climates. These are also the easiest of all three to put on.

Which type is right for you?

The choice of the right type of postnatal recovery shorts must be made keeping in aspect all the conditions particular to a pregnancy and personal choices. They are suitable in a majority of pregnancies, but still, the wearer must consult their trusted doctor or physiotherapist before selecting and wearing one themselves.

For example, somebody has a delicate or risky pregnancy where the doctor suggests no compression on the belly. Here, the person might want to avoid it. While in another case, for a normal pregnancy the doctor suggests a medically proven brand of recovery shorts.

This choice is also subjective to the climate of the location where the recovery shorts are to be worn. For example, somebody living in a hotter climatic zone might prefer a breathable fabric with short lengths. Whereas someone living in a colder climate may choose a full-length recovery legging.

Thus, the choice of the right type of recovery shorts to be worn is based on a variety of factors. Some of the most common of this include (and are not limited to):

  • Pregnancy
  • Personal style preference
  • Occasion
  • Climate
  • Comfort

The Takeaway:

Every pregnancy is different, but there’s something common in every pregnancy and that is the support required for the lower back and pelvic floor muscles. Pregnancy recovery shorts and leggings can help ease the burden on your body both before and after childbirth. Ask your physiotherapist or doctor about the right kind of pregnancy compression clothes that you should wear. They can guide you better keeping in mind your requirements as they know your pregnancy thoroughly.

We wish you a healthy and joyful time during and after pregnancy!

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