Top 5 places to have breakfast in Sydney

Ambiance might not be everything, but it definitely is a deciding factor. In a recent survey of almost 500 Australians, 42.7 percent said all things being equal, they would continue to patronise a cafe for the atmosphere.

That puts ambiance almost on par with the best cup of coffee in town! There are tons of cafes in Sydney all jockeying for a position as the local favorite, so the question becomes, what makes a great cafe?

Customers seem to agree that creative and welcoming interior design is what does it for them. Throw in ample seating and you’ve got a place that makes you want to kick back and stay for a while.

Little Evie

Little Evie, located on Bourke Street in Sydney, is about as wholesome as it gets, a sun-drenched, open space that’s designed to put you at ease.

The atmosphere is decidedly chilled out, the portions are sizable and the coffee is second to none. Start your meal with one of their signature cold-pressed juices or a piping hot or iced coffee and grab a piece of homemade banana bread and ricotta.

In the mood for lunch? Grab one of their enormous salads or signature burgers. You’ll feel comfortable settling in for a leisurely breakfast and leave satisfied!

Porch & Parlour

Porch and Parlour, located on Ramsgate Avenue in North Bondi, is the perfect blend of rustic and elegant. With the artful addition of wood and weekly fresh flower deliveries, Porch and Parlour is as welcoming as it is Instagrammable!

Featuring all of your favorite breakfast dishes, like muesli, and breakfast burritos, Porch and Parlour brings both elegance and comfort food to the next level! Stay a while and savor one of their delicious breakfast or lunch dishes alongside a craft cocktail.

Rising Sun Workshop

Rising Sun Workshop, situated on Whateley Street in Newtown, is the eclectic mix of cafe and motorcycle shop that you didn’t know you needed in your life… until now!

Winner of the 2017 Diner’s Choice Award, the Rising Sun Workshop boasts an open air and exposed brick interior, that’s comfortably lit for a long sit down and chill out.

Serving up reasonably priced staples like toast and banana loaf alongside fares like Breakfast Bibimbap and Breakfast Ramen, Rising Sun specialises in effortless fusion for a fun and memorable cafe experience.

Meet Gerard

If you haven’t met Gerard, you must! Meet Gerard, located on Henderson Road in Alexandria, is chic and classic with a well-lit diner feel. The layout is simplistic and welcoming with the focus on the food.

Meet Gerard has a passion for produce and specialty coffee. Their fare is made up of favorites with a small twist like Granny Smith French Toast and salad with almond hummus.

If you want to visit a cafe that celebrates the best of local produce and prides itself in making a great cup of coffee, visit Meet Gerard.

Harry’s Bondi

Harry’s Bondi, situated on Wairoa Avenue in Bondi Beach, is alfresco dining at its best. With a fun, funky and hip interior that makes great use of exposed brick and massive plants to add some color and life, it’s a popular, airy and delectable breakfast joint!

Try one of their ‘super smoothies’ or a breakfast bowl full of delicious and nutritious ingredients. Serving a variety of different dishes, Harry’s Bondi has something for every taste from health nut to burger lover! Try their pulled pork roll with coffee bacon jam and a cold-pressed juice to jumpstart your day.

These are just a few of the spectacular eateries that the residents of Sydney have to choose from. There are tons of great places to have breakfast and a hot beverage.

You can get an incredible cup of coffee just about anywhere, but the real standout restaurants are ones that put a lot of effort into their decor and ambiance.

Bobby Gorman
Bobby Gorman
Bob Gorman is a freelance writer from Melbourne, who likes writing articles that cover lifestyle and home-related topics. He has written numerous articles and contributed to several other blogs. When he is not writing, he enjoys spending time on the beach with his family.
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