Overcoming anxious feelings with calming toys for anxiety

Are there calming toys to help with anxiety? In short, yes there are. But what are the toys? Now, let’s discuss. Anxiety is one of the most common frequent issues that are happening to many people. It is a natural response from our mind that is caused by the fear or thought-provoked threat.

Anxiety can be triggered by two causes, one is the common autonomous response system in our body which detects any threat or potential threat and the second is by health issues. Though it is not scientifically proven, many people are expressing profanity over the use of calming toys for anxiety.

However, throughout the time, doctors have also started to use different approaches to treat anxiety, including with the use of toys. Fidget spinners are still a relative newcomer to the therapeutic landscape, and science has still yet to confirm its benefit. Instead of using toys, commonly, psychologists are treating their patients by giving suggestions of activities and medicine to help treat the anxiety.

List of calming toys for anxiety

The toy itself is not a specifically made toy that can deal with anxiety. The calming toys for anxiety are the common toys that are intended for kids’ usage. However, many companies are developing certain calming toys for adults. Those toys are such as fidget spinners, putty, fidget cubes, and others. To understand better, here are some top calming toys for anxiety.

Fidget cubes

Fidget cubes is a box-shaped toy with six-side features with a variety of sensory aids to help you relax and unwind. Among its various features are a spinning disc, a joystick, a rolling ball, and an on/off button. In addition, the fidget cube is tiny enough just to grasp inside one hand when you’re on the phone, chatting to pals, or doing anything.

You can click, spin, roll, glide and flip it to help you ease your anxiety which sometimes randomly pop-ups. Fidget cubes are one of the most famous calming toys for anxiety.

Fidget spinners

Calming toys

The next calming toy for anxiety is fidget spinners. Lately, fidget spinners are turning from a toy into a sensation because it is very popular not only among kids, but also adults as well. It even gets banned in some schools. Many people are buying it because of its inexpensive price and ease of use.

While kids are using it for joy, adults are using it to treat their anxiety. Using fidget spinners is easy, you just have to spin it in your hands. Similar to fidget cubes, fidgets spinners come in a small size, which makes it easier to carry everywhere.


Another calming toy for anxiety is putty, or sometimes also known as play dough. Simply put, a putty lets the users tear, bounce, stretch it as they wish. The reason is that because putty is made of non-toxic silicone that is safe to use, and it does not dry out quickly.

Even though it was designed for children, adults can also use it as a stress reliever to overcome their anxiety. Putty can also help to improve the users’ mindfulness and focus. People with anxiety disorders will hugely benefit from this toy.

Stress balls

Stress balls are also one of the popular toys which comes after the fidget cubes and fidget spinners. Stress ball is one of the calming toys for anxiety which comes in the shape of a ball that can be squeezed easily. Its squishy features help to relieve stress and also manage emotions for adults.

The size of the stress ball is fit in the palm of a hand, which makes it easier to carry and use it everywhere. It can also act as a distraction tool and help your hand to do small exercises which will benefit your body and mind.

Which calming toys for anxiety are for you?

While it is still not scientifically proven, many people are expressing satisfaction over the use of calming toys for anxiety, which we have mentioned above. Some toys above are the best-known toys that are very popular among adults and easy to get.

Now that you have understood the types and benefits of the toys to help your anxiety, it is up to you to choose which calming toys for anxiety are best for you.

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