Ohanna Mello talks about her business, EZ Blend Hair, and the need for entrepreneurial skills in the industry

Ohanna Mello is a highly-skilled entrepreneur, working in the hair/beauty industry. She is the founder and owner of EZ Blend Hair, which is a retailer of hair extensions and other hair salon related products. Naturally, this is a market that can be characterised as highly saturated, consisting of a wide range of competitors, varying in strength, size and influence.

As a result, Ohanna has needed to tap into her entrepreneurial and business skills to ensure that her business has been successful.

Thankfully, Ohanna had enough time to answer some of our questions regarding the industry and her specific line of work.

So, when exactly did the idea of EZ Blend Hair arise and when did you start putting this idea into practice?

The Idea for EZ Blend hair arrived in the winter of 2018. The company wanted to bring a product to market that would bring convenience to women who use traditional hair extension methods. We now have a product that allows women to transform their hair in seconds. It can be easily applied and removed without damaging their natural hair.  Since then, I have been working nonstop to produce this quality product that can bring value to my potential clients.

As outlined prior, the industry is incredibly intense and competitive. How have your business skills helped you get your business off the ground and running?

I try to focus less on the competition around me and more on the customer. I think that having a business model that puts customers and quality first is the key to succeeding in highly competitive markets. Consumers benefit most from a competitive market, it makes sure suppliers are all striving to have the best quality and value. By giving our customers a great quality consistently we assure that they become loyal to the EZ Blend Hair brand.

Do you think hair extensions will remain popular or could there be more emerging trends on the horizon?

I think hair extensions are here to stay. Hair enhancement methods have been around since the beginning of civilization; the Egyptians did it, the Romans too, even George Washington had a wig. I spoke to a manufacturer once that began business by selling wigs and other hair enhancements to German aristocrats in the 1800’s. Hair, especially long luxurious hair is an unchanging marker of beauty in our society. Our standards of beauty have remained consistent for decades. Unless, our society enters a drastic cultural shift I don’t see why hair extensions would lose public interest anytime soon.

What do you think are the main advantages of your business model? Particularly in terms of e-commerce and online sales.

Like I mentioned earlier, we have a customer centred business model. I think this is especially important when selling online. Because the internet is a place of anonymity consumers are especially apprehensive when shopping online, this because they don’t know who they are dealing with. At EZ Blend Hair we try to maintain transparency with our customers in order to build a level of trust. By giving the customer detailed information about our product they feel more in control because they know exactly what to expect when their order arrives at their door.

For someone trying to break into the industry, what would be your advice to help them succeed?

Find your niche! Make sure you have extensive knowledge about the niche you enter, and the people interested in it. Get to know your customers inside and out. Once you understand your market you will know how best to serve them.

As someone who works in the beauty/fashion field, do you think it is a necessity to always be assessing new fashion trends and how they could shape your business?

Absolutely, this is the most challenging part of the job. Staying up to date with the trends is a non-stop endeavourer.  I am lucky that most people don’t change their hair colour and style as often as they change their clothes. But, I do have to keep up with trends and post content on our social media platforms to show our clients how our product can help them achieve their desired style. We also aim to inspire through social media. It is necessary to access which trends are relevant to our customers. If it is relevant to our clients than it is also relevant to us at EZ Blend Hair.

Thank you Ohanna for sharing your thoughts with us!
You can follow up with Ohanna Mello at https://ezblendhair.com

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