Nicki Minaj discloses wedding details with fiance Kenneth Petty

Nicki Minaj and her boyfriend Kenneth Petty are finally tying the knot, here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming wedding.

Minaj dished all the details of her upcoming marriage ceremony on her Queen Radio show last Monday. The Chun Li hitmaker told fans that she will be married to petty in “about 80 days.” She went on to explain that they had both initially filed for a marriage license that expired while she was on the move.

“by the time I came back, we had to renew it again.” the 34-year-old rapper explained. After picking up their newly renewed wedding license, Minaj says that they have 90 days to tie the know. Talk about pressure! She shared that they will be married “I have about 80 days.”

While the rapper has always gone the extra mile to be extravagant in her performances and red carpet appearances, this time her wedding won’t be the same due to her tight schedule. Minaj says that her union with Petty will be celebrated in a small, intimate ceremony.

But is a huge wedding still in the cards for the recording artist? Of course. When the time comes that her schedule clears up, she’ll be planning a big wedding, as expected by fans.
“I have to work on my album and I have a lot to focus on that I don’t want to do the big wedding now. We’ll do the big wedding later,” Minaj said on her radio show. She also assured that she’ll be married before releasing her album and will have her actual wedding following her upcoming album’s debut.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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