New study finds which industries cause the highest divorce rates

A new study has shown which workplaces are most likely to lead to a divorce. The research found that certain career paths are more likely to result in the breakdown of a relationship than others, even before the age of 30.

The results come from a US based census data from a career website, Zippia. The website analysed the data from the US census Bureau’s Public Use Microdata Sample.

The career that saw the highest divorce rate was first line military supervisors who are required to lead operations as well as organise and coordinate the activities of various military personnel. These employees had a divorce rate of 30%.

The jobs with the next highest rate relationship breakups included technicians, mechanics and logisticians closely followed by those working in tactical operations in the military and weapons. Notably, military employment took up three of the top ten spots when it came to divorce rates.

Overall, military workers, regardless of their rank, were the most likely, at 15%, to be divorced by the time they were thirty years old. The average age of divorce is thirty and previous studies have shown that 41% of first marriages will result in a breakup.

A senior economic analyst, Mark Hamrick, said that “the most demanding professions can be the hardest on marriage” sighting reasons such as extended time away, insufficient pay and danger contributing to relationship breakups.

There have also been studies done into the relationship strain that military operations create with the extended time spent away from the spouse being one of the major difficulties. Of course, this is understandable given that the core of a relationship is spending time together.

Mental health issues are also said to have played a key role in many relationship breakdowns with veterans struggling to cope with the adjustment to civilian life.

Mr Hamrick said that career stress affects all couples and financial challenges are often one of the bigger stressors.

The US divorce rate is currently on the way down sitting at 6.9 per 1000 people in 2016 whilst Australia also falling since the mid-1970s to currently sit at 2 divorces per 1000 people.

The Baby Boomer generation have been strong contributors to the divorce statistics in recent years having doubled their divorce rate in the last 25 years. This is being attributed to people living longer and the reduced cultural scrutiny that surrounds the breakdown of a relationship.

Those professions that are least likely to cause a divorce include dentists and religious workers.

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