Naomi Watts knew nothing about GOT getting prequel lead role

Actress Naomi Watts is one of the officially announced cast members leading the prequel of HBO’s hit series Game of Thrones. Seems like she was a little late in joining the hype. Speaking to weekly digital magazine PorterEdit, Naomi Watts revealed that she had never seen the HBO series despite its worldwide phenomenon status.

“I didn’t start watching until I was approached about this job,” she admitted. “But my brother [the photographer, Ben Watts], who is heavily into it, told me, ‘Under no circumstances are you going to turn this down.’”

She then got down and dirty and caught up with the first seasons in three months saying she “was in — hook, line and sinker.” Now, the actress understands better how much the upcoming role will shoot her into fame.

“I still have fears about that,” the actress said. “I don’t really know what to prepare for.”

Previously Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin revealed exclusive details about the upcoming show.

“The Lannisters aren’t there yet, but Casterly Rock is certainly there,” he said. “It’s like the Rock of Gibraltar. It’s actually occupied by the Casterlys — for whom it’s still named after in the time of Game of Thrones,” the author said.

“Obviously the White Walkers are here — or as they’re called in my books, The Others — and that will be an aspect of it,” he said. “And there are things like direwolves and mammoths.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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