Motorola’s second coming gears toward premium 5G phones

Motorola is known in the smartphone market for its superb mid-range phones that cater to consumers on a budget. However, its days in the budget niche is about to be over.

While the telecom company’s handheld devices rarely go over USD500, it is now ready to make a come back in the premium phone category along with the rollout of 5G network. According to Francoise LaFlamme, Motorola’s global marketing strategist, the company will put out its own premium flagship phone that carries 5G, as reported by CNET.

It’s no news that 5G phones don’t come with cheap price tags so we can expect that Motorola is definitely going beyond its usual USD500 and below budget. While the company hasn’t released a specific price range, we can take a good guess based on its competitors.

Two of the cheapest 5G phones to fly off the shelves comes from Samsung and OnePlus. The former has recently rolled out its cheapest 5G phone, the Galaxy A90 5G. It is expected to cost somewhere around USD800 as it expands to international markets. On the other hand, OnePlus launched “UK’s first 5G phone” with the OnePlus 7 Pro 5G that comes with a USD840 price tag.

It’s highly likely that Motorola’s 5G phone arrives in the market at somewhere around that price range and maybe even over. So why the shift towards the high-end spectrum? As LaFlamme put it, “If you put out a $399 5G phone, you’re going to have to sacrifice a lot of the elements that people value.”

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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