Morrocco seeks death penalty for ISIS terrorrists over beheaded hikers

A prosecutor from the Moroccan court wants the three ISIS extremists sentenced to death for the murder of two Nordic hikers.

During the trial last Thursday, prosecutor Khalid El Kerdoudi addresses the jury saying: “We can’t be lenient toward these human beasts.”

The three men in question, Rachid Afatti, Ouziad Younes and Ejjoud Abdessamad, admitted to the murders and identified as members of the Islamic State group. The assailants recorded the killings and posted the footage online to share with other extremists.

Their victims are two Scandinavian hikers on a trail in the scenic Atlas Mountains region last December. They are identified as Louisa Vesterager Jespersen (24) from Denmark and Maren Ueland () of Norway. Lawyers of the two young women’s’ families are seeking damages from Morocco.

The Sun reports that implementing the maximum sentence may be unlikely. The Moroccan state had frozen executions since 1993.

The Moroccan prosecutor has called for a life sentence behind bars of a fourth suspect who left the three men on the day the gruesome murders took place. 21 people are currently on trial for accusations of enabling the three murderers with funding or training. If convicted, the accused will face 10 years to life prison sentences. Trials are held in an anti-terror court in Sale.

Ejjoud, the suspected ringleader of the three killers, reportedly tried to join the jihadist group Daesh in Syria. He had been released from prison back in 2015 to make contact with former inmates. Prosecutors are accused police of failing to act upon being informed of their activities.

Danny Manly
Danny Manly
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