Mohamed Omar shares his top tips for decorating your home on a budget

Mohamed Omar is an interior decorator who has collated his top four tips for decorating your home on a budget. As per his Facebook posts, home decorations don’t need to be expensive, despite what many people may think, and you don’t need to put off making your home look nicer just because you’re short of cash this month.

Hang fabrics for art

If your walls look a bit bare you don’t need to shell out for art or a professional photograph – you can just hang up a patterned textile instead! T-shirts from band tours or sports jerseys make great hangings for a den or around the living room to personalise your home, and you probably already have a bunch sitting in the bottom of your closet!

You can also use patterned scarfs to decorate a bedroom or kitchen. If you have a large, colourful scarf that an aunt or grandmother gave you for Christmas or a birthday that you will never wear then hanging it on the wall on hooks can help fill the space and make the room feel that little bit cosier.

Put newspaper on your wall

If you have a workstation set up in your bedroom or living room then you can add a touch of film noir to the walls by sticking newspaper to them with significant headlines. It will probably take you a while to get enough interesting headlines and pictures to cover the wall, because you don’t want just any pages as your decoration!

If you decide to do this you will just need to pay a few dollars on days when there is a major or particularly interesting story. This could be things like your team doing well on the weekend, an election being called or a major world event – it’s up to you. If you really get into it your newspaper wall can grow and you can eventually decorate an entire room!

Indoor plants

Indoor pot plants don’t need to be particularly big or high maintenance. A small cactus on a side table, for example, can add a splash of greenery to a room while costing only a few dollars and requiring very little care. Other plants like hanging vines can also make the room feel fresher and bring more colour into your home.

Collectibles on tables

If you collect something – anything – then displaying it on coffee and side tables is a good way to decorate your home. This could be rocks and semi-precious stones, snow globes, mugs or ceramics – or anything else that you happen to collect. Putting these on tables and other surfaces around your home helps to decorate it and make it feel like home – and because you already collect them, it doesn’t cost you anything that you wouldn’t spend anyway!

So there you – Mohamed Omar’s top four tips for decorating your home on a budget. Not all of these methods will suit everybody, and you won’t be able to use all four in the same room (it will look crowded) but you should be able to take some inspiration for your own house.

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