Mobile security firm Cellebrite claims it can unlock any Apple phone

Despite Apple’s new iOS data privacy features, an Israeli forensics firm says it can unlock any of the tech giant’s iPhones.

Israeli digital security firm Cellebrite says it can unlock all devices from Apple to extract, transfer and analyze data. At last month’s WWDC event, Apple disclosed new iOS software features that will amp up data privacy in their devices.

Cellebrite Mobile Synchronization is an Israeli company that provides digital forensic solutions. Their services include extracting, transferring and analysis data from cell phones and mobile devices. The security firm’s services are used in businesses, law enforcement, and even militaries.

On the company’s website, Cellebrite claims it can “bypass or determine locks and perform a full file system extraction on any iOS device.” Apple isn’t the only mobile brand that Cellebrite claims are vulnerable to their services. Android devices including Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG and Motorola are some of the other brands.

Chief marketing officer for Cellebrite Mark Gambill said in a statement to CNET:

“Our solutions help law enforcement and other government entities create safer communities and protect their citizens.”

“Cellebrite enables agencies across the globe to accelerate investigations and develop an objective picture based on the digital evidence,” Gambill added.

The forensic firm is known for working with US security agencies including the FBI and ICE.

Back in 2016, it is believed that Cellebrite was the third party service that FBI used to unlock a San Bernardino terrorist’s phone. The shooter had an iPhone 5C. A legal battle ensued between Apple and the FBI regarding the tech giant’s refusal to unlock the said phone.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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