Microsoft amps up cloud storage security with new OneDrive Personal Vault

Last Tuesday, Microsoft announced a new feature to their OneDrive storage service dubbed Personal Vault.

The newest cloud storage feature provides amped up security for confidential, sensitive and important data of its user. The solution is an answer to Dropbox transitioning from online data storage to a central data hub.

The Personal Vault is a section in a user’s OneDrive account that requires either a strong password or two-factor authentication for access. Your preferred security mode could either be face or fingerprint scan, a PIN or code sent via text message. Another option is the Microsoft Authenticator app. Unlike the flagship OneDrive account that needs only a single password or two-factor authentication to sign in.

Microsoft retains its free 5GB account but storage plans ranging from 50 GB to 100 GB will include a USD1.99 monthly fee. The Personal Vault feature is available in all free and paid OneDrive accounts.
Subscribers of the Office 365 who get 1TB data storage as part of their subscription have the option to increase storage. The increase comes in 200GB increments at USD1.99 to 1TB for USD9.99

While its basic 5GB free account will remain unchanged, OneDrive is increasing the amount of storage in its basic plan from 50GB to 100GB without increasing its $1.99-per-month fee. Whether you have a paid or free OneDrive account, Personal Vault will be available to you, according to a Microsoft representative. Office 365 subscribers who already get 1TB of storage as part of their subscription can also increase their available storage as needed in 200GB increments, starting at $1.99 and going up to an additional 1TB for $9.99.

Christian Woods
Christian Woods
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