McDonald’s has unveiled its new ‘kitchen in the sky’ design

McDonald’s at Sydney airport has opened up its revolutionary ‘kitchen-in-the-sky’ flagship store allowing customers to see through the kitchen as food is lowered down to ground via a conveyor belt.

Burgers and fries come down from the see-through yellow box that is aimed at providing customers with an “iconic, memorable” experience. Designed by Landini Associates, the restaurant sits in Terminal one at Sydney International Airport.

It has since become one of the “most Instagrammed places at Sydney Airport” said Glyn Williams, the general manager of retail at the airport. Williams continued to say that it is not surprising given the uniqueness and vibrancy of the new design.

Whilst the design template was to be eye-catching and iconic, the senior development director at McDonald’s Australia, Josh Bannister, said that the main reason for the radical design at the restaurant is due to the space limitations within the airport.

“Working with limited space, we needed to be creative…although we’re always open to exploring different opportunities, our focus remains on freestanding restaurants with a drive-through.”

The design needed to be creative in order to “present our customers with the best possible dining experience” and with the inverted design, it has maximised space and provided consumers with a quality McDonald’s experience.

Creative Director at Landini Associates, Mark Landini, said that there were a number of challenges in designing a restaurant with its kitchen above the service area but overcoming those obstacles created a more unique design.

The design inspiration came from Asia, a place where Mr Landini has had much involvement, where multistorey restaurants are commonplace as business owners look to get the most out of small spaces.

He also said that it was the “lack of theme” theme that created the ergonomic and functional aspects of the restaurants whilst being able to create a unique impression.


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