Love Island Australia’s Erin Barnett speaks out on abusive relationship

As the runners up for Love Island Australia, Erin and Eden seemed to have a strong relationship going in the outside world. However, Love Island fans were confronted with their shock split earlier this month on the 2nd September in an Instagram post. The former pair thanked their fans for their support.

The surprise break up seemed mutual enough, but little did we know.

After Eden’s exclusive with OK! Magazine, Erin took to Youtube to reveal more about what actually happened between them. It was said the pair had an agreement not to go to the media about their break up, however Eden went against that promise. Erin later recounts three incidents in which Eden was allegedly abusive toward her.

In the first incident, right after the Love Island finale and prior to returning to Australia, Eden became “very in (her) face, was yelling, was throwing things … really scaring (Erin).” This was followed by another, when Erin was visiting Eden in Sydney,  “Eden got very angry and said, ‘Well if you don’t want to be with me, then I’ll kill us both.’” Despite these red flags, Erin stayed in this relationship. In the third and last incident, Eden “was getting right up in Erin’s face, pushing my head with his head, trying to intimidate me.” This was the last straw and result in Erin packing her bags up from Eden’s house and leaving Melbourne, with Eden’s parents apologising for their son’s behaviour.

Erin reveals that immediately after the break up, many women reached out to her claiming Eden had cheated on various occasions. The reality star recounts how Eden brought stripper to a Sydney hotel and fooled around with them.

Watch the full statement here.

If you know anyone experiencing domestic abuse call 1800 737 732 (1800RESPECT) for help.

Annie Li
Annie Li
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