Local Aussie travel app provides the exact locations of the most unique destinations hidden in Australia!

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COVID restrictions have made a return once again and all travel bubbles are on hold.  Even interstate travel is on hold for now as each state goes through a cooldown from a new wave of cases.  That does not mean we can’t all find unique places to go and things to experience… in OUR OWN BACKYARD!

Australia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world with almost every climate you can think of, from desert to snow, beaches to rainforests and everything in between.  We all love seeing the world, but have you ever taken the time to travel your own country and see what beauty it has to offer? From every corner and every coastline to the quiet outback towns and local hidden secrets!?  If not, then that is where Drive Locations AU comes in!

Drive Locations AU - app

Drive Locations AU is a social media profile (Facebook, Instagram, TikTok) and application on iOS and Android, and is a perfect pocket travel buddy for all your adventures!

The app features hundreds and hundreds of the most unique locations all around Australia for every mood and every adventure, meaning you will never be without an option of how you can spend your day or weekend.  From beautiful natural scenery and waterfalls to creepy haunted and abandoned locations, the most unique restaurants and the best camping spots, Drive Locations AU truly has it all.

Have you ever heard of the secret abandoned train tunnels hidden around each city? What about the luscious waterfalls that you can swim at the base of?  Unique restaurants, amazing accommodation options, everything you need for a perfect getaway in every state.

Drive Locations AU - app australia

With a list of approximately 20 categories, an interactive map with all the locations, as well as hundreds of locations spread across all of Australia, within all major cities and everywhere in between.  They are doing their best to cater for all of Australia, including catering for the residents that do not live within major cities, by providing them all with something that is close enough to consider “local” and suitable for either a one-day or weekend adventure!

In addition to exploring the map and saving your favourite locations to your profile, the developers have recently released a new update where users can now contribute to the app by submitting locations of their own and be rewarded for doing so!  You can earn points, claim prizes, all while travelling this beautiful country!

Drive Locations AU - submit

Prizes include fuel vouchers, Red Balloon vouchers and even a Jetstar voucher!  They will also release new prizes for limited times, so if you have enough points, you can claim your prize as soon as it becomes available!  Just claim your daily rewards and add locations for points. Additionally, if you have enough points, you can appear on a leader board where other users can view your profile and click your social media link.  This means you can flex your Instagram!

The app itself is free and you can use it freely without a subscription, as there locations that are free to view all information for, but if you want to unlock all the features of the app, you can pay a small subscription fee based on your preference, weekly, monthly or yearly.  Yearly is the most cost efficient, working out to be less than 70c a week!

All options are extremely cheap and all prices per week equal to be less than half of the cost of you daily coffee.  A bargain I say!

You can check out the app here! Happy exploring everyone!

Happy exploring!



Check out their Facebook where they post all of their content! https://www.facebook.com/DriveLocationsAU

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Disclaimer: This article is a private opinion, provided and sponsored by a third party. We don't make any representation as to the accuracy or completeness of any information included in this article, read more here.
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