Energy-saving products for outdoor and travel

Travelling is a great opportunity to get people closer to nature. Unfortunately, people leave an impact on their environment wherever they go. From the food they eat to how they travel, people are leaving higher carbon footprints than before. So, when travelling or camping outside, how do you lessen your energy consumption to reduce your contribution to global warming

Thankfully, there are already several products available in the market that help people save energy and use a greener energy source when travelling. Some of these solutions can also be used indoors for better energy conservation at home. From eco-friendly electric scooters to solar generators, here are just some of the products that you can use to reduce your ecological footprint and save more money when travelling or staying outdoors.

Electric scootersOutdoor energy saving travel products

Electric scooters have gained more popularity since they save time, money, and energy. However, electric scooters are greener than you think. Since e-scooters don’t emit harmful gases, they are being promoted in cities and urban areas to reduce traffic and air pollution.

When travelling, e-scooters are a great alternative to cars, motorcycles, and public transportation. After all, they are not only eco-friendly transport alternatives but also fast, efficient, and affordable modes of transportation. In fact, some high-end and high-performance  eco electric scooters models can travel up to 100 km on rough terrain, effectively replacing cars and motorcycles. In fact, these kinds of off-road electric scooters are perfect for outdoor travelling.

Since e-scooters use electricity, you don’t need to worry about an e-scooter’s electric consumption when charging. Charging an e-scooter with a 400Wh battery can cost an average of  $0.06 during off-peak hours or $0.12 peak hours. Even when you charge one for 4 to 6 hours, it will have little effect on your energy bill. Charging e-scooters is not expensive, and it’s a very cost and energy-efficient way to travel. Overall, electric scooters have very little impact on the environment.

Solar and pedal hybrid vehicle

Another way to travel without harming the environment is using a solar and pedal hybrid vehicle, like this vehicle by Organic Transit. It has a unique design that resembles that of a mini car but with bicycle wheels. There are only very few vehicles like these currently in the market, so it would be difficult to find one. However, if you come across this kind of vehicle, it’s worth investing in it.

The ELF Solo is a cross between a bicycle and a car. It functions as a bicycle but has the capacity and design of a car. According to Maureen Costello, General Manager at Organic Transit, “Like any other bike, the ELF needs only the strength in your legs to make it go, but it also has an electric motor to give you a boost of power whenever you need it. You can maximize your calorie burn by just using the pedals or stay cool and comfortable by letting the motor do all the work. Meanwhile, the solar panel charges the battery as you ride and when you leave it parked in the sun.”

Solar backpack or bags

Whether you’re out for a stroll or going on a long trip, you’ll never run out of charge for any of your gadgets. A solar backpack will not only carry your belongings but also keep your gadgets charged, especially when you need it most.

Solar backpacks include a solar panel that converts sunlight into electricity. Some solar bags are designed in a way that the panels are incorporated in the bag itself and that it’s easy for users to plug their gadgets in the bag. Meanwhile, others include a removable panel and a battery pack where users can connect the panel and their gadgets.

In general, solar bags provide up to 120 watt-hours per day, which is enough to power gadgets rated up to 300 W. These bags are great as a convenient and eco-friendly power source when camping, going on long trips, or during emergencies.

Portable solar fridge 

To prevent your food from spoiling during an outdoor activity, solar portable fridges use solar panels to keep your food and drinks cool. For example, a portable fridge can include a 90W solar panel and a 173Wh battery, which can keep your food fresh for up to 10 hours. 

In case of power outages, these solar fridges can act as a temporary fridge to keep your food in good condition. After all, you don’t need electricity for this to cool or freeze. Moreover, solar-powered portable fridges are better than electric-powered models since they can generate energy on their own. There’s no need to look for a plug, especially if you’re in the great outdoors!

Solar generatorSaving energy outdoor products

Lastly, solar generators are a better alternative to diesel or petrol generators. Aside from using a renewable energy source, solar generators are also cost-efficient and generally quiet when it runs.

There are also portable solar generators that make it easy to bring around. Solar generators are also a convenient source of power in case of power outages or emergencies. Lastly, similar to solar fridges, it can generate energy on its own, so you don’t have to worry about running out of power. 

Save energy and save the environment whenever you can

The above-mentioned products are just some of the ways that you can use to reduce your carbon footprint or ecological impact whenever you travel or even when you are inside your homes. To make it easier for households to conserve energy, there are also platforms or organisations that offer Australians cheaper, cleaner, and fairer energy. Utilising renewable energy should not be a luxury but rather a need.

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