Lizzo responds to haters after twerk stint at LA Lakers game

Lizzo sure knows how to steal a show. The Truth Hurts hitmaker recently made headlines after videos of her twerking at Sunday’s Los Angeles Lakers game surfaced online. Lizzo looked absolutely carefree as she revealed a black thong for everyone in the court to see.

As with any celebrity stunts, people online had mixed feelings about Lizzo’s little dance number. Her fans flocked to social media to support their queen. But some weren’t so happy about the whole thing as they described it as “inappropriate.”

Now, the 31-year-old is clapping back following the backlash from her haters. It seems that all the hate has reached Lizzo and responded with an Instagram Live video. Her message to her over 6 million followers and the world?

“Never ever let somebody stop you or shame you from being yourself,” the “boys” singer said. “This is who I’ve always been. Now everyone’s lookin’ at it, and your criticism can just remain your criticism. Your criticism has no effect on me.”

Some Twitter users have expressed their strong disapproval of the thong-showing stint. They so far as to make attempts to have Lizzo band from Staples Center for refusing to comply with the stadium’s dress code.

“The Staples center where there are children and families is one of those places that requires you to be appropriate and you weren’t,” Tweeted one viewer according to US Magazine.

Lizzo continued her message saying, “I don’t ever want to censor myself because I’m suddenly famous, and I don’t want to censor myself because everyone’s looking at me now.”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
Laura is a reporter and a gossip columnist for Best in Australia. She focuses on celebrities, science and social affairs in Australia and worldwide.
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