Leticia Lilleström offers business consulting services in Stockholm

Leticia Lilleström owns and operates Lilleström Ekonomibyrå, a business consulting firm that is based in Stockholm, Sweden. She offers local businesses a variety of services, primarily based around accounting but also involving strategy, future directions, teambuilding and administrative support.

Leticia, how do local businesses benefit from your services?

I offer local businesses support in the areas that they may not be trained in, or just don’t have time to take care of themselves. If you ran a shoe store, for example, you need to dedicate so much time towards managing your stock, ordering new kinds of shoes and actually selling your product that you probably don’t have the time to handle all of your own accounting, payroll and business development. That’s where I come in.

What kinds of accounting services do you offer?

I help business owners to keep track of their balance sheets, work out when payments are due to be made, chase up outstanding payments, ensure that salaries are paid in full and on time, prepare financial statements, pay sales and other taxes and, most importantly, keep the cash flow consistent. All of these activities are essential for a business, but they also take skill and time which means owners and managers will frequently ask for my expertise.

What types of financial statements do business owners need to create?

Every year a company needs to release a financial statement and annual report, as well as regular updates to shareholders if it is listed on a stock exchange. Detailed statements of profit and loss also need to be provided to the tax office in order to work out how much you need to pay (or be refunded).

How do you help a business to develop internationally?

In order to keep growing and make bigger and bigger profits, a company can’t just keep doing the same things. You need to have a vision of where you want your business to be in the long term, and a strategy for how you plan to get there. Within the overarching strategy, you need to work out your tactics for achieving each stage of the process. Of course, you also need to analyse your plan occasionally to see how you are tracking and make sure that it still makes sense, and to adjust to changes in the business environment.

I have a lot of experience helping companies to grow internationally, and while I may not be an expert in your sector (whatever sector you are in) I am an expert in helping companies to plan their growth. I can help you to develop a strategy and the tactics required to help your business realise its potential, as well as review your existing business model and practices.

Why is team-building important for an international company?

Team-building is essential as everyone at a business needs to work together for it to operate efficiently especially for international businesses. If you want your company to grow and everyone in your team to give you the best value for money, you need them to be working like a well-oiled machine.

How do you help businesses keep track of their tax obligations?

Tax can get very complicated in a business context, especially in retail. You have to keep track of your overall profit, sales tax due, sales tax that the government owes you as a refund (i.e. what you pay when you buy stock) and pay the income tax from your employees’ wages.

A trained accountant like me will help you to pay all the tax that you owe – and not a cent more! I also help businesses to maximise their refunds from the taxman, which gives them more revenue to reinvest in growing the company.

Thank you for speaking to us Leticia! If you are interested in Leticia’s business management services, check out her website https://lillestrom.se and get in touch with her to find out how she can help your company to become more efficient and expand!

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