Charlotte Dorothy Van Heerden discusses how Max Capital Group helps investors

Mrs. Charlotte Dorothy Van Heerden is from Max Capital Group Ltd, primarily a fund management firm that also offers automated trading packages through MX1. Max Capital operates around the world, providing brokerage services for Forex and commodities along with other trading platforms. They also offer financial planning services.

Charlotte, how did you get involved with Max Capital Group?

First of all, im a experienced fund manager since 2005, and I’ve managed more than 5 million $  as a fund manager for more than 10 years. Max Capital Group LTD is one of my client start in 2013. In 2015 they asked me to join their company, to help them grow their company as they want to publish their first private currencies, to advantage forex global market not limited to major pair globally.

They also want to do implementation of our trading strategy, using expert advisor, and we collaborate with best expert advisor provider such as Maxone Technologies. I really interest to join this company in the first place because of its goal to be a place for people to be their absolute authentic self in financial industry, while offering chance to advantage global trading market using private currencies. They don’t limit their services until forex trading market.

How does MX1 work?

MX1 is a name of expert advisor technology created by our Maxone, IT company which specialized in create AI technologies for trading platform such as MT4 Trading plaform, as a partner to create automated trading system.

Does the automated trading typically outperform “manual” trading?

Yes of course, automated trading system is far more efficient than manual trading, which have less emotion, far more discipline, and 99% accurate follow our trading plan that put on expert advisor algorithm. With AI speed, the speed processing is far beyond any human capability to monitor market 5×22 hours everyday realtime, with great consistency.

What is the advantage of an automated trader?

The advantage of automated trader use expert advisor, we can maintain our consistent growth, use money management and flexible strategy that used in the market, to follow the trend, read any technical analysis without any emotion and executed perfectly by computer-speed, make it almost impossible to loss in the market compared traditional manual trading.

What differentiates Max Capital from other Forex brokers?

Max Capital is not a broker. We are an official Fund Management company which help people to manage their capital In forex market, and we do collaborate with one of the best brokers from all around the world. We have a partner like EuromaxFX forex broker company to trade with, to set up all of our expert advisor technology, and set our private MX currency in the market.

We open to cooperate with any licensed brokers who can guarantee our trading requirement, and can make sure the protection of our funds.

What kinds of financial advice does Max Capital offer?

First, We offer trading automation services, which allowed to give advice to traders to take position by AI, and we also provide learning education center, how to read fundamental market, technical analysis, and knowledge to make a strong build money management system to keep our capital save in forex trading market. Almost 90% forex trader lost in this industry, so we fixed the secret to stay alive in this forex industry, gain as much profit as possible along at its minimum risk.

If you could give everyone in the country a single piece of financial advice, what would it be?

Today, its time to cryptocurrency to dominate our traditional fiat money.

Then what?

The revolution of AI industry, AI will dominate every aspect of our lives, especially to financial market.

My advice is, Its time to looking forward to learning more about AI technology in finance industry. In the future, AI will change how our world work and give uncertainty to financial industry for traditional money or crypto currency. People need to wake up no just because to dangers of AI, but the advantage that we can use to advantage future global currency market, like today cryptocurrencies start to dominate traditional fiat money.

So, are you ready to advantage this massive financial change using AI platform?

Thank you Charlotte for sharing your thought with us!
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