Leonardo Gamboa talks about his company Tradex Plus

Leonardo Gamboa is the President and director of Tradex Plus. Tradex Plus is a shipping company that specialise in helping customers purchase items from America. The company aim to make it as easy as possible to purchase items from the US, even if the retailer doesn’t ship worldwide.

He’s answered some questions about his business.

Leonardo, tell us a bit about Tradex Plus:

Tradex Plus is essentially a shipping company that helps individuals and businesses purchase goods from US based retailers and wholesalers that do not ship to their country. The service works through providing our customers with a US mailing address that any items can be posted to.

The process is really simple, all our customers have to do is make their purchase and get it delivered to our address. From there, we forward the items to you, or to any other address that suits you. We ship all over the world, so regardless of where you live; we can get the item to you.

We also offer a service that enables you to order multiple items, get them sent to us, and then send them all to you in one package. This significantly reduces the shipping costs.

The aim of Tradex Plus is to essentially make it as easy as possible for people to buy products from the US and get them sent to their location.

Tradex Plus is a shipping company, but you also offer other services as well. What services do you offer?

Our primary aim is to make shipping from the US to other countries as easy, cost effective and painless as possible for our clients. So aside from just enabling shipping to the rest of the world, we do offer other services that make the entire process easier for anyone who decides to ship through us.

As I mentioned earlier, we do provide a US mailing address so it is possible to buy US products without living in America, as well as mail consolidation. But some other options available to our clients are mail forwarding, freight shipping, rent a mailbox, mail repackaging and procurement services.

You mentioned mail forwarding, what is this service?

It’s interesting because the concept of mail forwarding has been around for quite a while, but I think people are only recently starting to see the value in it.

Mail forwarding is actually one of our most popular services; it basically enables you to rent a secure US mailbox. This allows customers to order and receive any mail or packages and feel confident that it will be delivered to a secure location.

Our mail forwarding services are available to students in America, who have come to the country by exchange, immigrants and people who travel a lot. We also get a lot of people who live on boats and vans renting out mail boxes; sometimes people are just looking for a better alternative to a standard mail box.

A lot of the people who take advantage of this service are people who live in countries outside of the US. It’s an easy way for them to get parcels delivered to a US address.

What are the benefits of mail forwarding?

I think the biggest benefit of mail forwarding is that is enables people to order from US retailers, whilst being outside of America, and get the packages shipped to a safe and secure location. It’s also really useful if you are unable to collect your parcel straight away, as it can be stored in our warehouse for up to 45 days. It’s just a really easy and convenient system.

Mail forwarding basically allows anyone to buy from America, even using retailers that don’t ship worldwide. It means that there is no restrictions on where you can shop and order items from.

Mail forwarding can also be really valuable for businesses; it allows business owners to keep their home address private whilst still being able to receive packages and shipments.

One of your unique systems is the logistics network. Can you explain what this is?

As part of our mail forwarding system, we have a logistics network; this is essentially a network of forwarding agents that are located across the US. These are the people that receive any deliveries, process them and then forward them on to the customer.

Although our forwarding agents work from home, they are supported by our management team. Our processes and technology have been refined and have been tried and tested. Because of this, our customers can feel secure knowing that they are getting the most reliable, efficient and effective service.

The logistics network sounds really helpful. What are some of the main benefits of using this system?

Well, the best thing about our logistics network is that is benefits both us, and our customers. This system enables us to have forwarding agents all over the country, which gives us a wider spread. It also gives our forwarding agents freedom because they can work from home, wherever that is for them.

This network also keeps our costs down, which is great for our customers, because the lower our expenses are, the less our customers have to pay. Essentially, everything we save from using this system, we pass straight on to our customers.

This system also gives our customers have the ability to choose the forwarding agent that is the most convenient and cost effective. One of the best ways of doing this is by choosing the forwarding agent that is closest to the retailer you are ordering from.

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