Lady Gaga renews the longstanding perception of Vegas residency

While a Las Vegas residency has previously oozed signs of a fading career, Lady Gaga’s recent deal with the MGM Park Theatre suggests otherwise. The gambling hub’s stages are now becoming home to some of today’s biggest pop stars, in a radical revival of Vegas entertainment.

The two-year contract is set to deliver Gaga with an astonishing $75 million income, with the artist earning around $1 million per show. The lucrative deal represents a new precedent for Vegas residencies and will certainly work to change the outdated image of the city’s entertainment industry.

Renewal of Vegas entertainment

In recent years, the Las Vegas stages have hosted pop favourites like Britney Spears, the Backstreet Boys, Ricky Martin, Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull. With Bruno Mars also on board for a set of live shows in 2018, it’s safe to say the Las Vegas shows are no longer restricted to old talents.

The new take on Vegas’ live entertainment has notably expanded its audience prospects, with current stars bringing in younger spectators. Britney Spears’ residency has been accredited as the first deal to revolutionise the industry, making it more appealing to millennials.

The series of shows generated approximately $135 million in ticket sales, signifying one of the most prosperous residencies to take place in Vegas. It began back in 2013 and after running for almost four years, it will wrap on New Year’s Eve.

The city’s changing showbiz industry has stirred expansion for the entire business district. With the demographic composition of Vegas constantly changing, a shift in focus to more current stars was extremely necessary. Younger artists are able to match the interests of the population, offering a diverse range of genres and styles.

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has warned Vegas of the whirlwind that’s about to land on their stage, with her performances often involving superfluous sets, extraordinary costumes and unexpected affairs.

While Gaga is eager to offer Vegas something completely new and exciting, she is also thrilled to have the opportunity to perform on stages that have held timeless music legends.

With treasured artists like Elton John, Elvis, Frank Sinatra and Liza Minnelli cataloguing incredible memories on stage, the modern pop star is elated to be amongst the stars of Vegas.

The recent residency arrangements will undoubtedly work in the favour of both Gaga and Las Vegas, presenting very exciting possibilities for the city’s stages. Gaga has been a major part of the modern music scene for several years and her popularity will undeniably stimulate excitement in the US gambling capital.

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