Kevin Hart hospitalized after getting injured from a car crash

Kevin Hart and his driver are hospitalized after getting involved in a dangerous car crash on Sunday.

The accident took place in Calabasas, California before 1 AM according to an incident report filed at the California Highway Patrol as reported by CNN. Hart’s driver Jard Black was with him at the time and both of them were transported to nearby hospitals due to “major back injuries” they sustained in the crash. The two were accompanied by a third occupant who was safe from suffering serious injuries.

According to the new outlet, Black was driving the actor/comedian’s 1970 Plymouth Barracuda at the Mulholland Highway at the time. He reportedly lost control of the car before it went off-road and rolled down a ditch. Authorities say that he wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or drugs during the collision.

Photos taken by celebrity news outlet TMZ showed Hart’s vehicle in complete devastation with the roof completely wrecked.

Out of the three involved in the accident, two were trapped in the vehicle presumably identified as Black and the third occupant as Hart reportedly left the scene to seek medical attention at his nearby residence.

The vehicle in question was a gift Hart bought for himself last July to celebrate his 40th birthday. According to a post he shared on Instagram on Saturday, the comedian told fans that he was staying home over the holidays.

“Being home makes me happy….enjoy your weekend people!!!! #LiveLoveLaugh,” captioned the Instagram post showing a photo of him jumping into a swimming pool.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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