Justin Bieber is a self-proclaimed perfectionist

Justin Bieber is giving fans a glimpse of his creative process as a pop music artist. In the second episode of his YouTube Originals docu-series — Justin Bieber: Seasons — the 25-year-old singer discussed his keen attention to detail when it comes to his music.

“Am I a perfectionist? Oh yeah,” the Yummy singer says. Bieber revealed that he sings his songs over and over to get it perfect something that “people probably don’t understand.”

He explains the rationale behind this saying, “I can never remake this album. Once it comes out, it’s out. So, it’s gotta be perfect.”

Bieber’s fashion model wife Hailey Bieber née Baldwin shared her sentiments on his process in the episode.

“He is such a perfectionist and he’s so good at what he does that there’s a whole different energy when Justin is really in his zone doing his thing,” says the Bare Minerals ambassador. She revealed how she expresses her utmost support for her husband.

The model says that she doesn’t mind “ laying on the couch until 3 or 4 in the morning binge-watching TV shows” just to be around him while he’s recording. And the long hours in the recording studio isn’t a problem for her either.

She continued, “I just feel at home, wherever he is. So if he’s held up in the studio, that feels like home to me.”

The episode ends with Bieber celebrating over finishing his song “Yummy” which was released on January 3. The song marked the pop star’s recent comeback after a hiatus from music.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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