Justin Bieber admits to being addicted to drugs at 13

Justin Bieber is baring it all in his new docu-series as he brings us with him on a trip into his world.

In the recent episode titled ‘The Dark Season’, Bieber admits to his long battle with Lyme disease and drug addiction.

In the fifth episode of Justin Bieber: Seasons, we are shown the very heavy and real topics that Bieber faces like depression and drug use. The episode even cautions the viewers with a trigger warning to warn the audience regarding the topics that are discussed in the episode.

The episode starts off with Bieber admitting that he smoked weed when he was 13 years old and that he became dependant on marijuana. He realized that he has started a problem that would spiral out of control if he didn’t address it. Bieber also revealed that around the same age he had started drinking as well as popping pills, trying shrooms and other forms of recreational drugs.

Bieber opened up further by sharing that he had people around him that served as bad influences that didn’t go away because they wanted his money and access to drugs and alcohol.

Scooter Braun, Bieber’s manager revealed that Bieber’s dark times started when he was 19 years old. Braun explained that this was the time when Bieber started to get in trouble with the law or is caught acting wrongfully in public. Bieber also revealed that his life got dark and that the negativity got to him. He talked about how all of this was produced from the fact that he never had the conventional healthy family lifestyle that most people have, which he thought would help any person understand how the world works.

One of Bieber’s doctors explained that his childhood produced tumultuous stress for the then young up and coming superstar. The episode also shows the singer going into one of his doctor’s appointments to get a NAD IV treatment, a procedure that helps people with their struggles with addiction. NAD IV treatment flushes toxins out of a patient’s body to get rid of the traces of drugs from a person’s system.

The episode also explores Bieber’s Lyme Disease diagnosis. His wife, Hailey shared that Bieber would out of the blue, feel sick for no reason before he was properly diagnosed with Lyme. Now that he is properly diagnosed, Bieber is on track to living a more healthier lifestyle and is committed to getting better and healthier outside of convenience.

Bieber says that he is now in a much better and healthier place in his life and his happy which bodes well for his fans. Justin Bieber: Seasons is available in YouTube Premium.


Alain Ang
Alain Ang
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