Jennifer Lopez firmly defends Superbowl performance

Jennifer Lopez and Shakira won the world over with their exhilarating performance at last week’s Superbowl half time show. But their performance wasn’t safe from detractors who claim that it was “too sexy” for a show that’s meant to be a family-friendly event.

At the Independent Spirit Awards, Lopez responded to the criticisms and told Variety that all the fuss was  nothing but “silliness.”

“I think that’s honestly silliness,” she said, defending the half time show.

The two Latina artists received rave reviews for the show that included their greatest hits. Lopez showed off her pole dancing prowess, featured a children’s choir led by her daughter Emme, and saw Shakira behind the drums. The two also paid homage to their Colombian and Puerto Rican roots through song and dance.

“Both of us are really respectful performers who are moms and have kids and are very conscious of what we do,” Lopez said in response to those who claim that the show wasn’t “family-friendly”.

Lopez then explained that the show “was a celebration of women and our Latino culture.” The multi-talented performer even wore a fur coat that featured the Puerto Rican flag on one side and the American flag on the other at some point in the show. The star isn’t bothered at all by the negativity of critics saying she can’t even let them in.

The “Hustlers’ star attended this year’s Spirit Awards held on Saturday where she earned a nomination for Best Supporting Actress. Her role as Ramona in the film is one of the most critically-acclaimed this awards season.

Ben Hornery
Ben Hornery
Ben is is a senior journalist and sport columnist for Best in Australia. He previously worked for the BC and other radio stations.
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