Jose Concepcion talks about his shipping company, Translogic Import & Export, Inc.

Jose Concepcion is the president of Translogic Import & Export, a shipping company based in Miami, United States. The business provides a variety of diverse and practical services designed to help international customers with shipping and receiving packages from within the US. Translogic’s services are also very helpful for US-based customers hoping to cut their international shipping costs.

Jose answered a few questions about Translogic and the industry he works in.

Jose, what exactly does Translogic do?

Our company offers a variety of shipping-based services to help both US and international customers with online purchases, correspondence, freight and their shipping needs. A lot of companies only ship to certain countries, and the United States is generally one of them. As a result, many international customers often look for ways they can order packages and items and have them shipped to the United States. Thankfully, we can be that intermediary.

What are some of your most popular services?

Generally, our most popular service is establishing a mailing address for international customers. We’ll organise a physical US address attached to your name, where items can be shipped to this address. From there, we can easily forward your mail/package on to another location, anywhere in the world.

We also offer a personal shopping service, which is very helpful if a US retailer doesn’t accept foreign or international credit cards. Fortunately, our team of personal shoppers can purchase the goods on your behalf and organise for your goods to be shipped to you.

What are some of the benefits of your services?

Our services are invaluable to international consumers. Clearly, we can help customers looking for a product that can’t be shipped to their country for whatever reason. Likewise, because we can help individuals establish a postal mailing address in the United States, our assistance can help save customers a lot of money when it comes to shipping and freight charges. On top of this, we handle all the stress and logistical requirements related to shipping your good, saving you a lot of time and stress!

We can also help you establish a US-based virtual office. Basically, this provides you with a US address, fax number and phone number. So, if you are looking to expand your business overseas and need a presence in the US so you can handle client work in the States, we can certainly aid.

What are some of the challenges your business has faced?

Like all businesses, we have encountered some challenges. In the early days of operation, our logistics system was not as refined or polished as it could have been. Over time, however, and with experience in the industry, we have adapted and refined our logistical framework to ensure that customers get their packages in a timely and cost-efficient manner. One way in which we lowered freight costs and improved delivery time efficiencies was to introduce multiple packaging strategies. When a client orders a product, we get in touch to verify if that will be the only product you will be purchasing. If you intend to purchase multiple products, we will endeavour to have them shipped to you collectively, reducing your international charges.

Is there a lot of competition in your industry?

International online shopping has grown immensely, so it would be safe to say that there is a fair amount of competition in the industry. Because of this competition, we recognise the importance of providing our customers with the support and flexibility they need.

As a result, we give our customers flexibility when it comes to shipping options. The customer chooses the carrier and how/when the deliver should be made. We mediate the process to ensure there are no logistical hiccups along the way.

What type of clients do you generally assist and service?

On average, we find that a lot of business owners need our services. Whether they be looking to expand their operations overseas and tap into the US market or purchase international goods to re-sell in their own country, we have helped both types of customers on many occasions.

At the end of the day, we assist those who need help organising international shipping deliveries and freight charges, regardless of the purpose.

What would be your advice to someone looking to get involved in international shipping and freight management?

There can be some long days when you’re first trying to establish your business. Some clients can be unreasonable and demanding, which can certainly test your patience. However, if you have a passion for what you do and love helping other people get the products they love, then this industry is right up your alley.

Thank you Jose for sharing your thoughts!
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