Jennifer Lawrence photo highlights the double standards in Hollywood

A photo of the cast of the new film Red Sparrow, starring Jennifer Lawrence, has made headlines around the world in the lead up to the release of the movie but not for the right reasons.

Pictures from various media outlets show Jennifer Lawrence on the balcony of London’s Corinthia Hotel surrounded by her co-stars, Jeremy Irons, Joel Edgerton, Matthias Schoenaerts along with director Francis Lawrence.

It is currently the middle of winter in the UK with maximum temperatures between three and nine degrees each day.

Ultimately, it’s absolutely freezing and all of the male stars and colleagues from the film are dressed accordingly in their winter coats, boots, jumpers and pants to avoid to biting cold that surrounds them.

Contrastingly, there is Lawrence, in a Versace dress with a thigh-high split, who would undoubtedly be freezing to death out on the balcony in the middle of London winter.

There are no suggestions that Lawrence was forced to wear the dress or in any way refused access to warmer clothes. After all, the Oscar winner is estimated to be worth approximately $140 million, she couldn’t be short of a winter coat.

However, what the marked contrast between clothing worn by Jennifer Lawrence and her male colleagues does show is the double standards at play in Hollywood and indeed throughout the publicised world.

It has become much of the discussion across social media since the photos were released with many describing the images as “depressing”.

One woman posted on twitter saying, “True equality means either Jennifer Lawrence getting a coat, or Jeremy Irons having to pose for a photo call in ass-less chaps.”

Whilst there hasn’t been an aggressive response to the images as many believe that it would have been Lawrence’s choice to wear the dress, and nothing else, in the cold, much of the response has been in relation to equality and that she shouldn’t feel the need to stand there like that.

There has been much commotion in the Hollywood media of late regarding numerous sexual harassment claims by actresses – most notably those directed towards Harvey Weinstein – but it now seems that hypothermia can also be added to the list of worries for Hollywood actresses.

Jennifer Lawrence recently announced that she would be taking a 1 year break from acting to focus on political activism – something which she says is very close to her heart.

Zac Fyffe
Zac Fyffe
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