Jennifer Garner details being ‘hounded’ by paparazzi for a decade

Jennifer Garner isn’t putting her kids’ privacy on the line.

The actress graced the cover of InStyle magazine’s September issue celebrating the publication’s 25th anniversary. Garner, a mom of three at 47, explained her decision to keep her children’s private lives, well, private.

Speaking to the magazine, Garner reveals the measures she takes to keep her kids out of the spotlight.

“I guard my kids’ privacy as much as I possibly can, and I’ve never posted pictures of them on Instagram. I used to refuse to say their names during interviews – but everyone knows their names! I would just say ‘my eldest,’ which I still do out of the habit a lot.”

Garner also addresses that while her intentions may be pure, her kids might not understand how she’s protecting them. “I’m sure there are times my kids would really love to see themselves reflected on my social media in a fun way and to have the attention they would get from that,” she says. However, she noted that it would be “hypocritical” to put her kids on social media having “fought too hard” against exposing them to the public eye.

Despite her decision to keep her kids away from social media, Garner says she doesn’t think negatively of parents who do. “I just don’t think most kids have been hounded in the way that mine were when they were little,” the actress explained. She then detailed how she wasn’t able to do even the most mediocre things like going to the mailbox without being stalked by paps.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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