Isaiah Bailey talks about helping small businesses in the digital space

Isaiah Bailey is the founder of Steed Solutions, a Florida based SEO agency that specialises in providing local digital marketing for small businesses. The firm cares about delivering authentic, ethical SEO services in an online world that’s filled with spam.

Isaiah answered some questions about his business.

Isaiah, what is your background in digital marketing? What motivated you to become a digital marketing consultant?

My background in digital marketing comes as an indirect result of my family’s construction background. I come from a long line of tradesmen, and watching my father and older brothers venture out and start there service based businesses i saw a problem they all suffered from. That problem was regularly generating new leads.

I knew there had to be a system to put them in front of the customers that needed there services, as a result I became very knowledgeable in SEO & Digital Marketing.

We then employed these systems and strategies in there businesses and watched them flourish, it was at that moment I knew other businesses needed this service in order to scale.

What made you decide to start your own SEO agency?

I started this agency to help small businesses generate more inbound revenue. Most new businesses struggle generating leads. They come in to the office and do a shot in the dark marketing strategy for the day and hope it brings in new business.

I knew firsthand this is a horrible strategy from watching family members do the same in the business only to continue to struggle. A lot of agencies charge an ungodly amount of money for marketing services making it difficult for a new or small business to afford, and that is the core of starting this agency.

I wanted to give back to business owners, while creating a massive network of like minded individuals in the process.

How people can get their website on the top of Google search results? Are there special techniques?

The best way to get your website to the top of Google results is through content. With all the new algorithm updates Google has become more & more user friendly. Create and publish informative content regularly for your consumers.

Along with the backend structure of link building and NAP consistency across online platforms, but that can be so consuming its best to let a professional like myself worry about this for you while you focus on running your business.

How you do you drive traffic to websites? Is there a special way to do it?

We drive traffic to websites through a variety of ways from paid promotion to organic traffic and utilizing the social media platforms. Again the best way to drive traffic back to a site is to create user friendly informative content through blogs.

Each blog should be centred around a certain search term. Writing these blogs and publishing to your site allows you to rank for a larger variety of search terms.

What are the most recent trends in SEO?

Some of the most recent trends in SEO is mobile optimization and SSL certificates. A recent update from Google requires that websites are optimized for mobile usage or suffer in your rankings.

This is important because 80% of web browsing is done from a mobile device. Also making sure your site is secure with a SSL certificate, this is that little green lock next to a sites URL.

Its required for websites that sell products or services directly through the site, easy to setup you can usually purchase directly from your hosting platform like GoDaddy or HostGator.

How are you planning on expanding your business in the future?

Our main plan of expansion at the moment is unfolding quickly. We recently launched a new location in beautiful South Florida and were excited to bring our services to the business owners here.

Thanks to Isaiah for answering these questions.
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