5 IoT trends that will drive 2021 and beyond!

Think of 2020; a sudden sigh of relief gets released from your mouth, and you end up thinking of the disaster you have experienced in the past few months. Seriously, thinking about the current year, we are left with more depression and stress shadow, but technology brought us a ray of hope, and help us see the future with many possibilities.

In the scope of technology, I am specifically discussing the IoT App Development in 2021, which is likely to drive our businesses and services around us in a comforting manner. Looking around we can see that there has been an explosive growth of IoT use cases, that is offering a number of opportunities to businesses to thrive ahead.

Indeed, IoT has initiated a revolution that is creating a stir while empowering businesses to draw competitive advantages. 

But there is much more to explore in the coming year, and here in this post, we have brought you a quick look at the hit IoT trends that are going to shape the future.

Our future would be driven by IoT in 2021!

Location Data would be the new IoT trend

Social distancing is the new norm, that would be practiced for the longest possible. And amid this chaos, one thing that has grown prominent and relevant is the location data. Due to the coronavirus, most of the retailers and other businesses have shifted their delivery system to curbside pickup and remote check-in, to practice social distancing. And this trend would continue to grow in the upcoming year as well, as it will elevate a smooth and convenient delivery experience for the customers. Here IoT would come into practice, bringing location data that can be trusted by consumers at large.

Workspace would experience smart initiatives

Our working routine has experienced a massive shift and the credit goes silently to the pandemic impact that has coaxed each of us to follow the new pattern of working. It is expected that we shall continue working from home in the coming years, or till the time a robust solution comes into existence to be called as the treatment for this vicious virus. However, it will trigger different industries to opt for the smart working environment, just like other industries. 

And this can easily be done with the help of IoT apps, which will enable workers to experience smart lighting, energy and environmental monitoring as well as sensor-enabled space utilization among many other facilities.

Smart cities would be IN

The very concept of ‘Smart Cities’, would witness a change in the coming years, where IoT sensors would collect data and generate insights for better management of our housing amenities. And worth to mention this will keep the human intervention to switch the lights or touch the doorbells among many other facilities, to drop down to zero.

Healthcare would ramp up with IoT

COVID-19 has already given us a warning, that the more you are alerted about the illness, it gets better to manage it. You can use IoT to connect healthcare solutions to control and monitor health. And further, this will drive a surge in embracing different technologies to keep track of chronic health conditions and give such patients convenience to have an improved health system.

IoT will boost remote operations

Since the pandemic impact, different types of industries and business sectors would experience remote operations collectively. In the coming year 2021, there will be a growing demand from customers to meet their demands. This would enable companies to increasingly rely on remote repair systems, which would result in minimalistic downtime. And this further allows industries not to halt the production, and continue meeting the users’ demands. It goes without saying but using this approach, would make connected machines through the hands of IoT technology, more ubiquitous and possible.

Bonus; IoT would elevate predictive maintenance

Yes, you heard me all correct and strong! The predictive analysis is no more going to be limited within the capacity of AI technology only, but it is likely to be a very much part of the IoT as well. The smart housing system would alert the homeowners of any sort of leakage, appliance failure, or any problem that can result in some major disaster. So get ready to get intimated about any major issue that is likely to take place in your home and save your house from any major disaster.

Is there any room for improvement?

Well, just like any other technology, IoT also has sufficient space that helps it to grow and make improvements. It can be cited from the range of security, complexity, or any other technical challenges within its capacity, there is a lot this tech trend has to cover. However, despite having these concerns, or I should call the market barriers, still IoT has made a significant space for itself to boom. And with time there will be better and improved advancements to be experienced within this technology space.

Final thought

Indeed, IoT is much more than meets the eyes, the only fact you need to keep your hands-on IoT Trends in 2021, to keep yourself abreast with the ongoing changes and the transformation in technology. Having said that, its invasion in the app development industry is very prominent, which would drive a revolutionary change that would be beyond imagination even.

There are few out there, who arguably state that IoT might not impact a positive change in every industry, but keeping these moot points aside, it is but obvious that the IoT ecosystem would channelize a promising future that will gradually impact different industries.

It would be immensely exciting to consider these predictions and trends, turning into a reality, and would be worth waiting.

Are you willing to know more about IoT solutions?

Keep watching this space for more intriguing information coming your way.

Shaun Smith
Shaun Smith
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