Inside Priscilla Presley’s involvement in the upcoming Elvis biopic

Priscilla Presley is reportedly involved in director Baz Luhrmann’s forthcoming musical biopic on the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Elvis Presley’s ex-wife revealed that she has a significant role in the film as reported by US Weekly. Her involvement is described as “hands-on” while it was not clear to what extent it would be. “I have been involved with Baz,” she tells the entertainment news outlet. Priscilla also shared that the Moulin Rouge director has reached out to her and has kept in contact since.

“He has come to my home and he has been emailing me. In fact, we’re going to be having another lunch at my home. He’s keeping me on top of everything. It’s been wonderful. He is a genius.”

The upcoming biopic will star newcomer Austin Butler as Priscilla’s late husband. A role that was one of the most coveted in Hollywood before he was cast.

While there’s not much that the 74-year-old personality did share that the film will still get the Hollywood treatment. Nothing at all close to the previous documentary type biopics that have tackled the late superstar’s tumultuous life.

Priscilla says her part won’t have anything to do with suggestions on how to do the film. Based on this, it’s safe to assume that she merely shared her experiences as Elvis’ wife.

Still speaking to US Weekly Priscilla did make one substantial revelation about the film. Its storyline will be seeing the spotlight on Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker, who will be played by Tom Hanks. Its central focus is on Elvis and Colonel Tom’s challenging relationship as manager and artist.

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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