Idris Elba is clueless about Cats despite starring in its film adaptation

Idris Elba, who stars in the film adaptation of the musical Cats, has no idea what it’s about.

Ok, maybe that’s too harsh. But the British actor does find it difficult to understand its storyline. When Elba appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, he admitted that the plot is a mystery to him, despite having a leading role in the forthcoming movie.
Totally clueless. ]

“Oh, wow. What a way to throw me under the bus there,” Elba said after host Stephen Colbert asked him what Cats is about. “It’s a classic. It’s a big musical. Andrew Lloyd Webber. I guess it’s about a cat.”

While that’s a very vague description Elba, who plays Macavity in Cats, tried his best to continue: “It’s one cat’s journey towards what is essentially cat heaven, and that idea is that we all aspire to get toward cat heaven. There’s this young cat and she gets taken on this story on how to get to cat heaven or what you should do to get into cat heaven.”

So if you think the Cats trailer left you confused, just imagine the actor starring in it. For whatever reason you might want to see the trailer, here it is below:

As for his Hobbs & Shaw co-stars’ reaction to his role in Cats he says:

“When I was working on Hobbs & Shaw, just after that I went to work on Cats,” Elba explained. “So I’m working with Dwayne [Johnson] and Jason [Statham] and as soon as they found out I was working on Cats, this was their favorite thing to do as I walked on set.”

“We’re doing this big fight scene, I’m walking in looking all bravado and they’re like, ‘Hey Idris, what’re you doing next?’” he continued. “And the crew would be like, ‘Yeah, what are you doing next?’ And I would be like, ‘…Cats.‘”

Laura Ebeling
Laura Ebeling
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