HungryPanda sees 140 percent business spike six months on from EASI acquisition

HungryPanda has recorded significant growth in the Australian market six months on from its acquisition of Asia-focused food delivery business EASI.

The two organizations saw a full integration of technology, delivery resources and full operation models – with new data showing HungryPanda has stormed the local market by doubling usership and active merchants, and seeing order volume increase by 140 percent.

HungryPanda has also expanded its city coverage throughout Australia with new business in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane and Perth. It commands 90 percent of Chinese food merchants nationwide with the largest Asian takeaway platform market share.

Following the merger, HungryPanda launched Asian grocery delivery business PandaFresh – rivaling similar models recently rolled out across the country.

PandaFresh has achieved explosive growth in the last six months, with order volume increasing by three times compared to six months ago and doubling users too.

Kelu Liu, Founder and CEO of HungryPanda said, “The merger has allowed our organization to grow significantly and provide a safer, better and more effective service for our Australian customers. We are constantly improving user experience to bring the best food and fresh food delivery service to the local Asian communities in Australia.”

“At the same time, we are also constantly communicating with merchants to improve their operation model, helping our Asian merchants to better achieve revenue growth and create a more technological and digital overseas Asian community,” added Liu.

Benefiting from the contactless delivery market, HungryPanda’s grocery e-commerce business PandaFresh has accomplished a rapid rise. Different from the traditional e-commerce delivery companies, PandaFresh has its own uniqueness.

PandaFresh provides Asian fresh food and groceries and targets overseas Asian community, 50% of products are exclusive, which greatly increases the business barrier. The various and specific selections are favored by its self-operated warehouse management, ensuring a stable source of goods and making adjustments timely according to users’ changing demands.

PandaFresh is also the only Asian food and grocery platform that can achieve a same-day delivery, providing consumers with abundant and convenient life services for Asian communities.

By continuously exploring new business areas, HungryPanda aims to cover all aspects of overseas Asian life. After satisfying everyone’s demand for Asian food, the company also hopes to bring more lifestyle services to enhance the happiness and satisfaction of overseas Asian communities. At the same time, HungryPanda will create more value for the global Asian food consumption industry and deliver Asian food culture to the world.

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