How to write quality blog posts for your small business

As a small business owner, you know that a blog is essential to the success of your website and your digital marketing strategy. You also know that, as a small business owner, your time is limited and keeping a blog updated with fresh content is hard, particularly if you’re not motivated to write. Blog posts for small businesses aren’t easy, but don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The good news is, there is a way to turn business blogging from the least loved task on your to-do list to something you actually enjoy.

Blogging for small business, the easy way.

Rely on your social

If you love a good chat and sharing your business advice here there and everywhere, don’t forget about it, copy it! It’s very likely that the business advice you’ve shared in a Facebook group or business forum is perfect for blog posts.

Update old posts

Don’t forget about old blog posts you published a year or so ago. Quite often they can be given a new lease of life by updating imagery, adding in new content or updating content to reflect any changes that have happened in your industry.

Check your outbox

Your outbox can potentially be a library of blog posts waiting to be published. If you’ve sent plenty of emails to people explaining a problem or a product, consider this a blog already written and ready to publish. Just make sure you add an enticing introduction, headings to break up the content, some actionable takeaways and optimise it for SEO with the best keywords you think people would search.

Ask your employees

Apart from you, your employees are the ones who will know the main concerns or questions asked by your customers. Have a meeting and ask your employees how they respond, making sure you write it down and there, you have a blog post!

Ask your suppliers

There’s nothing like a mutually beneficial arrangement in business. Why not ask your suppliers to write a blog for your business. They get a mention and a link, and you get effortless content.


There’s no doubt that whatever industry you’re in, you’ve had to do some sort of research. It’s not the most favourite tasks of business owners, but, you can make it worth your while. Use your research notes to create a blog post or an infographic. This is the perfect way to build your expert status within the industry.

Your story

If there’s ever an easy blog post to write, it’d have to be one about your story, and how you came to be in business. Share the challenges you had to overcome, what inspires you, how you got into the industry; people love reading about the people behind a business.

Other people’s story

Most employees love having their face and name in the spotlight. Each month, why not ask an employee to write a blog post. It might be to introduce who they are and how they fit into the company or, to share some of their expertise with your audience about some aspect of your business or industry.

Case study

Do you have a customer that has had great success with your product or service? Ask the customer for a testimonial and permission to turn it into a post. Turn the success into a case study outlining what the initial goals were, the execution and the results. This is the perfect way to showcase your success, promote your client and provide social proof. A case study can be time-consuming to put together so why not delegate it?


If you’re seriously pushed for time and don’t have employees to outsource to, consider the benefits of outsourcing blog posts to professional content writers. Content writers Brisbane and Australia wide can ghostwrite articles on your behalf, on any topic you need; all you have to do is paste it into your website and publish it!

Blogging for small business is about thinking outside the square whether it be repurposing or outsourcing content. However you do it, the main thing is that you’re keeping your blog consistent and strengthening your brand at the same time.

Dana Flannery
Dana Flannery
Dana is the owner, digital strategist, creative director and owner at Talk About Creative in Brisbane and is obsessed by stats and wonderful words.
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