How to succeed at being a part-time blogger

There is no dearth of part-time jobs today, both online and offline, and opportunities for earning from them. There are many sorts of part time jobs starting from part-time insurance agents, real estate brokers, finance management, mutual fund brokers and more. Part time jobs available online include data entry, paid surveys etc.

The list is lengthy and is stretched further with additions depending upon persons taking a product not explored by any part-timer before. While we come across these terms daily, a new term that is part-time blogger has started doing the rounds for quite some time now.

The rise of blogging has never been that encouraging. However, the scenario is changing slowly and surely. People are more intent on supplementing their regular income by taking up an additional avenue.

More people are becoming inclined towards such extra income generating sources as they are being encouraged by their better halves to be a successful entrepreneur and hence have started working as part-time bloggers.

And blogging is one such avenue to which many employed youths, men are looking up to, to make some extra bucks.

Who can become a part-time blogger?

The instant reply that comes to our mind is obviously the employed people. Even students, housewives can do part time blogging. Moms and housewives are usually busy all through the day with their domestic commitments and, therefore, cannot be full-time bloggers.

Likewise, students who are pursuing some professional courses or degrees have to remain content with part-time blogging as they have to dedicate more of their time towards their academic pursuits.

Blogging as a part time jobA woman at a cafe working as a part time blogger.

It is true blogging part-time is difficult to manage and needs to be handled efficiently if you are employed. A Part-time blogger cannot keep pace with the demands of this field.

Blogging initially seems to be an easy job to them and they think that they too can make good money as the guys who are already doing good here.

They take the plunge without thinking much and soon find themselves wanting in various aspects of blogging and give up or burn out early.

Problems of a part-time blogger

The most common problem every part-time blogger faces is that they cannot give time to blogging while keeping pace with their professional commitments, not to mention their familial responsibilities as well.

You need to read, read and read posts after posts. For this, we need time.You need time to ponder about the whats, hows and whys of blogging to put up a draft of a good post.You need time to build backlinks through commenting on others blogs.You need to hone your skills as a multitasker.

Also, you need to write a lot without which you cannot think of surviving in blogging.

Time management Is essential for a part-time blogger

You get not more than 24 Hours in a day, out of which 6 to 7 hrs you have to sleep to keep your vitals in order. One hour each for commuting to and from the office.

Employed persons spend 08 hrs or 10 hrs or, even more, depending upon the nature of the job and sort of employer they are with; Government, Multinational, Private Limited, jobs in an educational institute, healthcare etc.

One to two hours, you keep aside for your family. The residual time of 02-03 hrs a day on hand, you can spare for blogging. Well, established bloggers like Harsh Agarwal, Kulwant Singh used to dedicate 12-13 hrs a day during their initial days of blogging.

Don’t get frustrated guys. They were free from any sorts of professional commitments.

Productivity hacks for a part-time bloggerA woman on the floor writing as a part time blogger with magazines around her.

I have some suggestions for part time bloggers for successful blogging. As you know time is money, time management is essential here. You should be making the most of the holidays, particularly gazetted holidays apart from your Sundays and Saturdays.

In between, you can take leave to contribute to this part-time creative project. There are some working days when there is not much workload in your office. Utilise that time for reading a post-print or drafting a post. Make some changes in your reading habits.

Take out print-outs of blog posts of eminent bloggers for reading during commuting to your office if you are using a bus or car (if you have a driver), lunch hours. Utilise every extra time you are unoccupied at your workplace to add to your time scheduled for blogging.It is not that all are strangers to blogging.

There is a little bit of part-time blogger in everyone. In your precinct at home or in your office or neighbourhood, you will find people with similar interest or nurturing some skills as would come handy in the field of blogging.

Include them in your scheme of things. Team up with your partner if she is an avid reader and has good writing skills or any other skills. If she is a housewife, equip her with the knowledge on your subject.

There are things she can do on her own like commenting or link building. And who knows, she might even be better than you at blogging.

Team up with bloggers

Likewise, team up with your colleague(s) who can give you vital tips on many aspects of blogging. Distribute responsibilities amongst yourselves and outsource some time-consuming jobs from them. In fact, working as a part-time blogger and a member of the team will pay.

Ask each of your colleagues, friends, relatives to make a group on Facebook, twitter requesting them to go through your work.

Promote your work in your close circles telling them to spread your work amongst your far off relations and childhood friends. All above points require planning and proper execution if you want to take up blogging as a part time job.

You may take the help of a virtual assistant, or freelancer for addressing your shortcomings or sorting out issues where you lack requisite skill.

As regards publishing your posts, given the fact that part time bloggers are hard pressed for time and cannot publish posts at that frequency as their full-time counterparts, it would be wise to keep yourself confined to 2-3 posts a month.

However, as a business coach friend said to me recently, your posts should be very authoritative and informative so as to help your blog stand alone in the crowd.

You can succeed at being a part-time blogger

Smart work is key to success in part time blogging. If followed properly, you will get results and who knows, in future, you may turn from a part-time blogger to pro blogger.

However, following the above recommendations word by word may not always be as service exigencies attached with your regular job, more often than not squeeze out all energies within you and leave your creative juices petrified. Besides, you cannot ignore your domestic responsibilities and familial commitments.

Therefore, striking a balance between your work, family and your additional income generation endeavours is the key to your success.

In that case, take some break from your work. Maybe for a day or two give quality time to your kids, family and then plunge again headlong into your usual schedule with renewed vigour. You will come out with better results.

Lauren Clarke
Lauren Clarke
Lauren lives in Sydney and enjoys live theatre, red wine and bush walking, not normally all at the same time. She writes for Linksforce and other media outlets.
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