How to prevent pests re-entering your home after pest control services

After you have had pest control take care of your infestation, you are likely to feel a great sense of relief. With this relief, however, will also come the worry that another infestation will occur. These are some of our top tips for preventing pests from entering your home after you have eradicated them with pest control.

How to prevent pests re-entering your home after pest control services

Store food properly

The number one way that you can prevent the likelihood of pests coming back into your home after pest control has eliminated them is to store your food correctly. Most of the time, when pests come into your house it is because they are searching for food. If you are careful to secure your food items, they will be less likely to invade as they know that there is nothing for them to access.

Ensure that you seal any food in airtight containers and that you do not leave anything out for them to take an interest in. If you maintain this practice, pests will be less likely to choose your house to come back to.

Reduce hiding spacesCockroach pest prevention

Pests are often difficult to get rid of due to their ability to hide. Professional pest control services are usually required if you want to eliminate them. Once they have successfully done this, you will want to reduce the number of cosy hiding spaces available to them if you want to prevent them from returning.

This may include sealing any cracks or crevices in your home. It also involves reducing clutter so that they cannot hide themselves in there. If they have limited entry to your house, nowhere that they can comfortably hide, and no access to food or water then they will likely avoid your house as a choice.

Clean frequently

Cleaning frequently is also important for not only having a nice home but for ensuring that the environment is not ideal for pests. As mentioned, any food that is out, including spills, may attract pests and should be cleaned up to prevent them from taking an interest. Dispose of garbage often and keep a lid on your bin to prevent them from accessing food scraps there.

Cleaning your home frequently will also allow you to notice quicker if pests have invaded. The sooner you notice, the sooner you can contact pest control and get the problem dealt with in an efficient manner. Pests thrive off sneaky, dark, and dirty spots so it is important to reduce these as much as possible.


When pest control have successfully cleared your home of unwanted pests, it is your job to ensure that it stays this way. These are some of the key things that you can do to prevent your home from becoming an environment that is appealing to pests. Remember to keep your food sealed, your house tidy, and contact a trusted pest control company as soon as you suspect that pests may be present somewhere in your home.

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