How to manage the symptoms of menopause

Menopause relief supplements are the #1 best-seller online for dietary support during hormone changes for women. Today, there are millions of women just like you struggling with the natural ageing process and the toll it takes on your overall health. If you are concerned that you are already experiencing symptoms of menopause, it could be happening! In fact, many women start noticing the first signs like fine lines, wrinkles and even deep-seated creases by the age of 30.

Am I going through menopause?

You may start to think you are going through menopause if you experience a few symptoms common with the ageing process for women. They include:

  • Rapid mood changes
  • Profuse sweating
  • Heat flashes
  • Dark thoughts
  • Mental and physical tension
  • Trouble breathing/shortness of breath
  • Unwanted weight gain
  • Poor sleep, or waking during the night
  • Lack of sexual desire
  • Change in menstruation

Your symptoms of menopause may include these and other signs that your body is going through the natural ageing process.

Choosing the right menopause relief supplements

Many menopause customer reviews are in – and they are 5-star! Today, you may be wondering which are the right menopause relief supplements to take. So, you may look online for the best customer reviews for menopause relief supplements and nutritional changes. These 6 supplements got the best online menopause customer reviews:

Time for tea

Some of the most ancient traditions for soothing stress and relieving tension include brewing a cup of tea. But did you know that one type of tea is known to help reduce sweating associated with menopause and hot flashes? Known as salvia officinalias, sage tea is delicious on ice to cool you down with a touch of lemon, sugar, stevia or honey. Refresh yourself with this tea known to also act as one of the most effective menopause relief supplements. Other types of tea to ease the aches and pains of the ageing process for women include green tea, red clover, ginseng and ginger.

You can also use these common herbal teas as menopause relief supplements in easy-to-swallow capsules.

Green tea

This is one of the most favoured beverages on Earth and it’s also a source of a potent antioxidant, known as epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG. This phyto-chemical is known to offer a range of health benefits to support women’s health during the ageing process. These include bone strength, heart health, brain function and overall health support – as the Chinese have known for centuries.

While hot flashes may turn you off to the idea of a hot cup of tea, you can let it brew, then cool your tea and drop in a few ice cubes plus a touch of lemon and sugar to sweeten the deal. Go for it! Green tea is not only refreshing, it’s one of the healthiest beverages on the planet, too!

Black cohosh

One of the most well-known traditional herbs for menopause symptoms, this herb has been used in menopause supplements. Said to work by influencing your body’s oestrogen production, this female hormone is secreted by the pituitary gland and is known to play a role in hot flashes by influencing the brain chemical serotonin. One of the top menopause customer reviews found online is for this particular herbal supplement for women.

Flax seed

As far as menopause relief supplements go, flax seed has got to be the most versatile. As an oil, flax offers an impressive nutrient profile that supports weight management, smooth, youthful-looking skin along with other benefits for women going through menopause. Add flax oil as into your favourite recipes like smoothies, baked goods, in stir-fry or with other foods! Women who consume flax seed as menopause relief supplements have been said to have less severe hot flashes as well as fewer aches and pains. These effects are suggested by research as a result of the unique compounds inside flax seed, known as phytoestrogens.


This sweet root herb adds flavor to just about anything you can image, or you can peel a piece and steep it in boiling water to make a tea. However, no matter what you add ginger to, or if you decide to consume it along with other menopause relief supplements, it is known to reduce nausea and ease hot flushes plus night sweats associated with menopause.


This yellow spice is known to have an uplifting effect on mild to moderate symptoms of depression linked to menopause. Not only that, but saffron has also been shown in clinical studies to ease hot flashes and other common menopausal symptoms.

Other natural remedies for menopause and it’s worst symptoms

There are many other ways that you can reduce the common symptoms of menopause. They include:


It may shock you to consider sticking needles into soft areas of your body like your back, neck and arms. However, studies can confirm that this type of natural remedy for menopause really works! In one randomised controlled trial, published in the 2010 issue of Menopause, the issue revealed that women who took 10 acupuncture treatments over the course of the 12-week study actually had far fewer hot flashes that the women who had a sham procedure.

The women who took acupuncture therapy also reported more restful sleep and a reduction in overall pain. Besides the ancient traditional uses of acupuncture, scientists cannot be sure why the needling therapy works but there is some evidence that acupuncture points in the body are able to affect the sympathetic nervous system, and increase the release of “feel-good” hormones including endorphins and serotonin.

Deep breathing

You probably don’t even realise it when you take short, shallow breaths, but it could be happening right now. You can check by stopping for just one minute every few hours to do this simple breathing exercise. You’ll notice the stress relief almost immediately.

  • Stand or sit in a comfortable position and then open your airway by adjusting your gaze to face directly forward. You can close your eyes or fix them on an object or a place on the wall in front of you.
  • Take a long deep breath inward through your nose, as you slowly count to 5. As you relax, exhale the breath fully out of your mouth as you count to five, (1-2-3-4-5) inside of your mind.
  • Repeat this slow inhale/exhale exercise for at least one minute.

Note: Add 2-3 drops of your favourite essential oil into the mix during a breathing practice for even deeper relaxation.

Talking to your doctor about menopause relief supplements

The ageing process is a natural thing. But it can be troublesome for women who suffer from the symptoms of menopause including depression, headaches, nervousness, loss of libido, joint and muscle pain, or a lack of sleep. There are many ways you and your doctor can develop a plan for relief from your symptoms. The long-term plan may include a range of menopause relief supplements, like those listed above.

While the process of ageing is completely beautiful, it may be accompanied by a few bumps in the road. The physical, mental and emotional changes leave many women exhausted and feeling down. So, don’t wait to talk to your doctor about a plan to take control of your pre-menopausal or menopause symptoms – before they make you miserable!



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