How to find the best chiropractors near you

Posture and spinal health are essential to the quality of life. With stiffness and tension in the critical parts of the body, it limits the amount of physical activity we can perform. The pain forces us to think about nothing else but how miserable the body feels.

The older we grow, the more time we spent in front of office desks, the more pain we feel, and we are in much need of posture and spinal adjustment for a healthier and more nurtured body.

But which clinic in your city you should visit? Here are our 4 tips to quickly find the best chiropractors near you and get your pain relieved with the best possible treatment.

Do a simple search on Google and read the clinic’s reviews.

Thanks to modern technology, word of mouth have evolved. Now we can share our experiences online and help others to make a more informed decision. Google has just released an update this year, which allows people to ask questions about local business profiles, such as does the business have Eftpos, does the place have parking etc. By doing a simple search for the clinic’s name, the clinic’s business profile will show and provide you information on what people have experienced with the clinic and any criticism or praises about the practitioners.

Check the clinic’s profile on credible platforms.

Many directories have gone above and beyond merely listing the business name and address to provide the better experience with finding professional services. Many give a list of services, facilities and past jobs the businesses have done and other additional features, such as 24/7 support, online booking etc. These directories have a process in place to check reviews. This ensures all the reviews are submitted for real jobs and reflect the true nature of the business. For example, Oneflare and Healthengine all have chiropractor listings with credible reviews validated by real completed jobs on business profiles.

View staff profiles on the clinic’s website.

When it’s your first time visiting the clinic, and you feel unsure about choosing which session, a good starting point is to check staff profiles and see chiropractors’ specialisation. All chiropractors are all trained professionals with relevant certification, but their practices can still vary depending on their methodologies and areas of focus.

It all depends on what you would like to achieve. Traditional chiropractors practice the traditional philosophies of the profession which are structural correction and subluxation of the spine. They focus on removing the subluxation (nerve interference) that is the cause of the pain the patient is suffering from. The spine is then restructured into its normal position via a series of spinal exercises and adjustments. The adjustment schedules may have to be continued even after the symptoms have disappeared to ensure that the structural correction is adequately completed.

On the other hand, symptom relief chiropractors mainly focus on relieving a patient’s symptoms such as headaches, back pain and neck pain. Manipulations will be carried out, helping to decompress the spine, reduce pain and free the fixations. Many chiropractors work in conjunction with the patient’s doctor and physiotherapist to design a holistic and comprehensive treatment plan.

After viewing staff profiles, if the website hasn’t provided enough information, it’s recommended to give clinics a call to entail how the first consultation will go and maybe discuss your medical history so the consultant can allocate you the most suitable chiropractor in the clinic.

Find a clinic that offers integrated care programs.

Check to see if the clinic has other practitioners on board so a customised treatment plan can be developed taking consideration of previous conditions and other possible causes. Discomfort, pain and tension in your muscles and joints may result from bad habits, lack of specific nutrients, heavy exercises or skeletal diseases. Many chiropractors work with other health practitioners to get to the root of the problem and develop a personalised program.

It’s easier to have a joint session when the clinic already has health practitioners from multiple disciplines, which saves you time from travelling from one clinic to another for different sessions.

Furthermore, when it comes to complicated medical history, other practitioners can offer insights on what practices to avoid and other professional tips to help with achieving long-lasting improvements.

Peter Luan
Peter Luan
Fort Healthcare has five clinics throughout Sydney, located in Syndey CBD (Townhall), Hurstville, Rhodes, Burwood and Chatswood. The founders Peter and Zane are experienced chiropractors with more than ten years of experiences in their respective fields. They founded Fort Healthcare to bring in an integrated approach towards pain relief and health care. The program consists of physiotherapy; chiropractic treatments and TCM. They also offer podiatry, dietetics, psychology and speech pathology services. Visit their website to learn more about their integrated care program and book an appointment to invest in your health today!
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