How to create an entertainment area in your home


Sometimes, our homes are the best places to have fun. Creating a space that is perfect for dynamic get-togethers but also for relaxed evenings spent watching movies can be one of the greatest investments in your lifestyle. If you have some extra space in your house, turning it into an entertainment area should be your next project. Here are a few tips that will be useful in the process!

Find the right spot for the entertainment area

The first step to the perfect entertainment area is choosing the right room for it. If you have a spare room you don’t use, it can be a great candidate as long as its position fits your purposes. For instance, if you want a quiet home cinema, don’t pick a room that is in the way of foot traffic or has big windows that let all light and street noise in. At the same time, you don’t want to bother your neighbours with loud music during your get-togethers. So, find a spot that mostly fulfils the criteria for your activities and adapt it if necessary. Adding a layer of noise insulation with the help of wall coverings and carpet can make a big difference.

Get comfortable furniture for your homeA couple lying on their couch in their home entertainment area.

As opposed to going to the cinema, when setting up your entertainment centre, you have the freedom to choose whatever furniture pieces you want. So, make sure this space becomes your favourite in your house by prioritizing comfort. Pick armchairs that are adjustable and won’t give you backache even during a Lord of the Rings marathon. Don’t forget to arrange a hangout area with enough seating for larger groups, too. Still, make sure you don’t stuff the space to the brim. To make the most of your entertainment area, you have to make it multifunctional. So, make the space easy to rearrange when necessary. You can do that by going for modular furniture pieces.

Add a bar corner to your home

Having to constantly walk between the entertainment room and the kitchen can be a real nuisance, especially if your entertainment room is located in a remote corner, such as the basement. Therefore, adding a bar to your space is a practical idea. You can install a small bar but if you don’t have enough space or don’t plan to use it as often, a bar cart will also do, and it has the added benefit of being mobile. Simply pull it aside when you’re using your space for something else and you won’t keep bumping into it.

Install a home cinema

Whether it’s the newest Netflix releases that you like to check out or you like to catch the game with your friends every weekend, a solid home cinema will take the experience to the next level. As we already mentioned, everything starts with comfort. However, a home cinema requires more forethought than just placing a screen in front of a few chars. You need to decide between buying a projector or utilizing a large-screen TV, both of which have their advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose your screen size depending on the size of your room, and place the seating at an appropriate distance. Measure your room first to see if it fits such a purpose. Besides the aforementioned wall coverings and carpet, a home cinema also benefits from thick curtains that keep both the light and noise at bay.

Mind the lighting

Lighting plays an important role in creating the right atmosphere, so consider this aspect when setting up your space. Depending on your activities, you might need different levels of brightness in different parts of the room, so it’s a good idea to add a variety of lighting options for every occasion. For instance, if you’re going to a home cinema, adding the convenience of remote-controlled lights is a fantastic idea. If you mostly plan on hanging out with friends, choose soft ambient lighting. Steer clear of harsh light since it can ruin the atmosphere and be tiring for the eyes at night.

Take it outsidePeople at an outdoor cinema as a home entertainment area.

Who says entertainment should be confined to an indoor space? When the warm weather arrives, we all want to spend time outdoors, so connecting your indoor entertainment area with the outdoors or simply taking entertainment outside will open up a slew of possibilities for fun. Creating an outdoor entertainment area is an investment that even boosts the value of your home, so there is no reason why you shouldn’t compliment your already existing space with a fantastic deck. However, such a project does require a few special considerations, especially if you plan on installing cooking amenities and such, so budget well before starting.

Combine your interests

You don’t have to limit your entertainment area to conventional activities such as watching movies or playing video games. You can get more use out of your space if you accommodate it to more of your interests. Are your family members avid board game players? Add a shelf to store all your board games where you can access them easily. Do you enjoy playing an instrument? A dedicated corner in this room will make it the perfect place to practice. Or do you need a space where you can work out while watching your favourite shows? Equip your entertainment room with a few essentials such as a sturdy power rack, and your space will see even more use.

Decorate it

The visuals of your space are also important in creating the right mood. Turn an ordinary room into a true entertainment zone with a bit of interior décor. Choose the aesthetic you want to go for: do you want a classic-looking home cinema with red carpeting or do you want a fun and lively game room with an abundance of colours? Add mature air with deep hues, but keep it interesting with wall art. Hang your favourite movie posters or get a neon sign for a unique focal point. If you’re a collector, you can even use this space to display your interests.

Since everyone’s idea of fun is different, there are no rules to creating the perfect entertainment room. Think about what you and your family love to spend your time doing and create a multifunctional space that is tailored to your taste. Make it practical but cozy, and you can rest assured it will become the favourite hangout spot of your friends and family.

Allan Wickerson
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