How to buy your future home to truly enjoy the golden years

Sometimes, it is not easy to admit that you are getting older, especially around people who treat you like an old person.

Now, age should not be ignored because time does take a toll on the body. This is why it is smart to take steps towards making life a little easier when you’re over 50. One of the best steps to take comes when you begin shopping for a new home and knowing what features are important.

The good thing about doing your search and making a decision while still considering your age is that it helps keep you in control.

Single floor plan

One thing that is important at this stage in life is making sure your home is a single-story home. Yes, everyone dreams of the two or three story home, but these buildings may not be the best option as you get older. The possibility of arthritis and other similar issues is high amongst seniors, which could make stairs your enemy.

What you want to look for is a single-story home, or you may end up paying more to make your home livable later on. Some individuals actually have to pay to build a master suite downstairs to keep their two or three story homes. You can use this money for something else, so try to stay away from homes that simply will not accommodate your needs later in life.

Smart kitchen cabinet

Good real estate agents should also help you find the right kitchen. You may be able to get around your kitchen with no problems at the moment, but that does not mean it won’t be an issue later on. One of the major issues that some seniors have with kitchen cabinets is cupboards that are placed too high, which causes you to strain yourself just to reach items.

You want to make sure that all the cupboards are sitting low enough for you to easily reach something, or ensure that the cupboards are automated. This means that you are going to be able to bring the cupboard down with the press of a button. You will not have to worry about not being able to reach pantry food as long as your kitchen comes with some of these features.

Accessible bathroom for all

People love bathrooms that come with stand-alone bathtubs, which look great but are not a great idea for a person with mobility issues. You want to stay away from bathrooms that come with tubs, and choose bathrooms that come with walk-in showers. These types of bathrooms can be beautified in a number of ways like by using decorated tempered glass instead of regular glass.

You can also install 360 degree shower head systems. This shower system creates a different kind of showering experience and makes it a lot easier to shower since water is hitting your body at all times. There are even some shower systems that come with LED lights that help turn the water a different color for those who are still a bit wild at heart. Of course, you can add handlebars later on to help if you need to.

Eye-friendly lighting

It is important that you find a home with good lighting. Preferably, you want your home to come with low-glare LED lights. The reason you want to make sure that your home comes with these types of lights is because eyes can take longer to adjust once you reach a certain age. Low-glare LED lights are easier on the eyes, making them a lot safer.

Make sure that you look for smart light systems when you are looking for a home. These types of lights can be set to automatically turn on and off when they sense movement. This is a good thing for people who have memory issues, making the house a lot safer. You also get to eliminate the need for light switches, which can sometimes be hard to integrate into the overall look of a home.

Now, you know what to look for in your new home as you age. Think of these as tools or features that will continue to allow you to live independently and comfortably for a very long time, which is something people value. Your real estate agent may have additional ideas, so make sure you ask just in case.


Mike Smith
Mike Smith
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