How to Archive Yahoo Email Folders on Mac Hard Drive / Flash Drive?

Are you a Mac user? Do you need your Yahoo mail data on your system for the safety of your important data? If so, read the article below and find ways on how to archive Yahoo email folders on Mac system drives.

We know that Yahoo mail once enjoyed the webmail popularity and trust by its users. But the data breach of 2014 and after changed the scenario. After this Yahoo assures the data security to be strengthened, but still, the users face a lot of issues like Yahoo mail outage and other related security problems. So it is subjected that you might lose your data anytime if you are using the Yahoo mail.

One suggestion, to use this webmail client for lifelong is to save your data anywhere offline on Mac drive.

You might have tried to backup your data as well. But were you successful? I know, Yahoo does not provide and direct method to transfer Yahoo mail folders on Mac/ Windows/ Linux. Thus, you need some other ways that can get your Yahoo mail folders on Mac Mail. If your are eager to save all your data offline on Mac instantly, then try SysTools Mac Yahoo Backup Tool. This once helped me do the data backup of Yahoo email on Mac.

How to archive Yahoo email folders on Mac system drives?

The Mac system comes with a built in mail popular with the name Mac Mail or Apple Mail. It is easy, if your direct all your Yahoo mail data to the Mac Mail. This way your data is saved in offline mode and your Yahoo data is accessible at all situations. Another solution is the one mentioned above. There are more on as solution, you can also save Yahoo emails as PDF on Mac. This process is not accepted as an efficient approach as this method requires a lot of effort and time.

We will be understanding the concepts of all the methods possible to export Yahoo emails on Mac. Let us start with the processes according to their efficiency and functionality.

How to use SysTools Mac Yahoo backup tool?

This application is one popular facility to archive Yahoo email folders on Mac system drives. This utility offers the data download in multiple file formats like EMLX, MBOX, EML, MSG, and PST. You know there are multiple function incorporated in this utility to perform advanced download of Yahoo mail data as per your requirement. Some functions like Delete after download, selective folder archiving, emails date-filtering, etc. all comprise in a single facility.

Steps to archive Yahoo emails on Mac hard drive

Step 1: Download and Run Mac Yahoo Backup Tool and login with Yahoo account.

Step 2: Select a format to archive Yahoo mail folders on mac system drives.

Step 3: In Advance settings, apply date filtering, select mail folders and choose for delete after download option.

Step 4: Browse a location to save the yahoo email folders archived on Mac system.

Step 5: Click on Start Backup option to begin Yahoo mail archive on Mac.

The delete after download option will remove the data from your Yahoo mail forever that is downloaded to the local Mac system. So be sure before using this option. You will not lose the data, but the data will be removed from your Yahoo mail account forever. This application is specifically for the Mac system and does not work in other platforms. This application is compatible working with the Mac version 10.8 OS X to all new versions introduced till date.

This is the overview of this process and the methodology. Now we shall get to the next methods of success.

How to get Yahoo mail folders on Mac mail?

Another technique to get your yahoo mail data to safety is to setup the Yahoo mail on mac mail. This will easily sync all your Yahoo mailbox data on Apple Mail and the data is safe on Mac hard drive. Being a mac user, you will have the Mac mail on your system. You just have to configure the Mac mail with the yahoo mail account, that could be succeeded following the below process.

Steps to get Yahoo mail folders on Mac mail

  1. On Mac, click on Mail and then Preferences option.
  2. Navigate to the Accounts tab.
  3. Click on ‘+’ sign to get Yahoo emails on Mac Mail.
  4. Mention Yahoo in the Description box. Then, enter Yahoo account ID in the Email Address box.
  5. Write your name in the Full Name box.
  6. Enter the following:
    1. Incoming Mail Server:
    2. User Name: Yahoo account username
    3. Password: Y! Mail account password
  7. Click on Advanced tab and enter 993 in the Port number box.
  8. Close the active window. A new window pops-up. Click on Save to get Yahoo mail folders on Mac Mail.

This will setup your Yahoo mail account in the Mac Mail. Now you can save your data anywhere on the Mac hard drive using the Export Mailbox option. This will save your data in MBOX format. For single emails saving, just drag and drop the email from the Mac Mail. It will save the single email on mac hard drive in EMLX format.

Also, Read How to export emails from Mac Mail to Outlook.

This process is efficient as well. It offers to save the Yahoo emails in two formats: MBOX and EMLX (single email). The process is safe to execute so your data will not be lost. This may take time to sync all emails from Yahoo mail folders on Mac. Now let us see what else we can do to save our emails in Yahoo mail on Mac hard drive.

Save Yahoo email as PDF on Mac

This process is the least recommended method to save Yahoo emails on Mac. The process is very simple to execute but it will take a long time to complete the task. Also, the efforts taken are not less. Since the data is stored in PDF format, you will need to convert the file to any email support format to use the file. Having these issues with this process, this process will help you get your data safe in all the condition and the data can be portable to any OS platform.

Do you know! PDF is a cross platform mobile file format. So the data saved in Windows can be used in Mac and vice versa. Also this file is very easy to port across the systems.

Steps to save Yahoo emails as PDF on Mac

  • Login to the Yahoo mail account and access emails.
  • Go to the email folder and open the email.
  • Select More option and click on the Print option.
  • Choose Save as PDF option from the list of printers.
  • Browse location on Mac to save the Yahoo email as PDF.
  • Click on Save option to download Yahoo email as PDF on Mac system.

This will process an email to convert to the PDF file on the Mac system drive. The process is very simple but it will take a lot of time to execute all your emails from a 1 TB Yahoo mail account.

Final thoughts

There are various techniques to save your data in Yahoo mail on Mac system. Here we have discussed how to archive Yahoo mail folder on Mac with some successful methods to process. If you are a Mac user, you can go through the above techniques and get your data saved on the Mac hard drive as required. If your data is important to you, save a copy of it offline to access it in drastic conditions.

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