How positive thinking benefits your health

Positive thinking! What is it? Is it being happy about your surrounding? Or is it getting whatever you want, whenever you want? Is it merely just positively concentrated to THINKING? Do you know what it is? Well, whatever you may be thinking of necessarily does not have to be true, so read to find out.

What is positive thinking?

It is an attitude in which you expect results that are beneficial for you. It’s also sometimes referred to as a thought-creating process that transforms energy into reality. According to research, it has more to it than just being happy and portraying a good attitude towards others. Positive thoughts have a value much greater as it has effects that stay much longer than the average smile time. It impacts your health, your work, and your relationships.

How positive thinking works

When you apply for a new job and are not hopeful to get it because you screwed up in certain places, perhaps the interview did not go well? You may have thought that other applicants are more qualified than you, so you don’t stand a chance. This is called having a negative attitude towards yourself. These negative thoughts lead to fear, fear of failure.

Looking at the other end, let’s suppose that another person applied for the same job. He prepared his morning breakfast, clothes on time, and was well prepared for the job interview. He had a positive attitude and was determined that he is equally as good as the other candidates and stands as much a chance as they do. This is positive thinking! Now when this person goes in for his interview, since his mind is full of positive thoughts, he will do better than the person we talked about above. Keeping a positive mind always help in all aspects of life.

Health benefits:

Higher life expectancy

To live long is what everyone wants. People who have positive thinking tend to set their goals and work their way to success. Achieving their goals leads them to being more satisfied with their life.

Less likely to be depressed

People who have positive thinking are more likely to have good relationships as they know how to cope with bad situations. Therefore, they tend to be less depressed, and they always have someone to talk to.

Better immune system efficiency

Positive thinking helps in fighting many illnesses such as the common cold. According to studies, it is proved that thinking negatively causes some parts of your brain to weaken and ultimately your immune system responses slowly to illnesses causing you to be sick for longer periods of time.

How positive thinking benefits your health
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Steps to think more positively:

Think in a way that leads to success

Most of the successful people in the world have a very positive attitude towards life. They adopt a healthy lifestyle where they get enough sleep and eat enough to be healthy. They are optimistic and do not let negative thoughts get to them.

Don’t keep your expectations high but increase them

When you do not expect good things to happen in life, you won’t enjoy them when they do. So, increase your expectations to enjoy every good moment of life. For this to happen effectively, you must believe that the good days are yet to come.


When you start accepting things that are going on rather than neglecting them, life starts becoming better. You will become more passionate and enjoy life more as it will help you live up to your full potential. Saying ‘yes’ is a way of positive thinking.

You should dream big

Many people just want an average life, and if that is what you want, then it’s good for you. But, if you have goals and dreams that you want to achieve, dream about them as if that’s all that you want and automatically you will start working to get there. Positive thinking will help you get there.

What does positive thinking do to your brain?

Research was carried out to see how people with positive thinking react differently than people with a negative mind frame. Two groups were made of 5 people each. One of the group was made to see video clips of images that stirred positive emotions while the second group was made to see clips that stirred negative emotions.

After watching the video clips, all the people from both the groups were given a paper and a pencil and were told to complete the sentence that started as ‘I would like to…”. After they were done and the results had been compiled and analyzed, it was noticed that people who were exposed to a video that induced positive emotions tend to write more while the others did not have much to write about.


When you see more opportunities in life, positive thinking takes control over you. Your brain sees more options as the sense of possibility increases. This is a key to a healthy lifestyle.

People with a positive attitude are willing to explore more ideas. They do not accept what is proposed to them just as it is. They get to the depth of things, make goals, and set their sail to achieve them. It is an attitude that you can adopt and are not born with. You control how you think and how you react.

It is easy to maintain a good attitude when everything is going well in life, but the real challenge is when you are exposed to hard conditions, will you be able to maintain a good attitude then? If yes, till how long? What is your limit to bear hard situations? Train your brain, and your limit will never be reached!

Ang is the executive editor for A-Lifestyle. She is passionate about beauty, fitness and health topics.
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