How Mimi’s Laphet can help you add some flavour to your dinner tonight with their delicious new tea dressing

Australian brand Mimi’s Laphet is renowned for the range of tasty vegan products that they sell. They have recently released a brand new healthy tea dressing that is adding flavour to the meals of people everywhere. Find out how Mimi’s Laphet came about and why their new dressing is in such high demand.

Mimi’s Laphet was founded by Mimi after she became inspired by her favourite salad. Growing up in Myanmar, Mimi often ate a traditional leaf salad known as ‘laphet thoke.’ After moving to Sydney, she became motivated to share her love for traditional food and started sharing these dishes with friends. The unique flavour of laphet thoke is created from fermented tea leaves, however they are only grown in some parts of Myanmar. Because of this, in order to get the tea leaves, they have to be preserved in oil and have flavouring agents such as MSG added. Mimi made it her mission to find high quality tea leaves that she could share with her friends and that did justice to the centuries old process of picking young tea leaves. She was determined to keep the product healthy by not adding flavouring agents or oil. Eventually, she opened her own store to sell these healthy and delicious products. Every product at Mimi’s Laphet is healthy, natural, and full of the antioxidants that give tea its superfood properties. Although she sells a delicious ‘sunkissed’ crunch’, the true standout is the tea dressing. This tea dressing is an easy way for anyone to incorporate the irresistible flavours of laphet into their everyday meals.

Finding a dressing that is both healthy and tasty is incredibly challenging. Many dressings either have to sacrifice taste or health and it is incredibly difficult to find one with a balance between the two. Creamy dressings such as mayonnaise are generally full of unhealthy fats and can also overpower the flavours of your meal. Vinaigrette dressings contain too much acidity and can make your meal taste bitter. Dressings such as olive oil simply don’t provide enough flavour to make your meal an exciting one to eat. At Mimi’s Laphet, they are acutely aware of this issue that many people have when finding a dressing for their meal. That is why they have developed the tea dressing. It is subtle enough to not overpower the meal that you are eating yet flavourful enough to make it extremely delicious. The goal is to give people something to look forward to when they are preparing their meal. Mimi’s Laphet want you to be excited about the foods that you are eating.

The tea dressing is created from green tea, lime, sesame, and topped off with garlic and chilli. These flavours compliment almost any meal, yet are particularly effective for adding some interest to a salad. A spoonful of Mimi’s Laphet Tea Dressing is all you will need to create brand new flavours in your everyday meals. With no oils, no artificial flavours, no preservatives, and a 100% plant based and gluten free product such as this, you can be sure that your lunch is not only delicious, but healthy too. On top of this, although the tea leaves are grown and prepared in Myanmar, each bottle of the dressing is mixed and packaged locally in Victoria, Australia.

If you have been craving something new for your everyday meals, Mimi’s Laphet Tea Dressing is an excellent choice. The unique flavours are simple yet highly effective for turning any meal from bland and boring to interesting and delicious. With this dressing, you can reinvigorate your love for food and become passionate about what you are eating every day.

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