How homeowners should deal with a local electrical emergency

The threat of encountering an electrical emergency is hopefully an event that everyone can avoid during their lifetime, but there are instances that will emerge out of nowhere. From an outdated chord that leaves the power lines exposed to a short circuit with the heating system, the exposure of electricity to water or appliances that simply malfunction at the wrong moment, these examples are everywhere in society. Rather than allowing panic and stress to set in during these moments, it is beneficial to think about how community members should deal with these events and outlining a plan for themselves to be protected.

Call an electrician or local fire department

The good news for local family members who are dealing with an electrical emergency is that there are specialists on hand who can assist them through these challenging circumstances. Emergency electricians are experienced in this field, arriving with their tools to offer a sound solution. Then there is the fire department who recognise the gravity of the problem, instigating an effective program that works to shut off power and remove residents from the area. While the electrician will look to implement fixes to the product and the infrastructure, the fire officials will simply seek to shut down the fault.

Don’t touch anything

If there is one rule of thumb that is true during an electrical emergency, it is to avoid touching anything to do with the problem. Electrocutions are more commonplace than citizens would believe and engaging exposed power lines and domains causing electrical sparks is a recipe for disaster. There might be a temptation to move a wire or a cable away from a certain area, but that can be a deadly mistake that should be avoided at all costs. If in doubt – do not touch!

Contact energy outletAn electrician dealing with a homeowner's local electrical emergency.

In order to shut off the power source and to run diagnostics from their end during an electrical emergency, it is important to make contact with the energy provider for the household. They might be able to detail why the fault has emerged and instigate a way to resolve the concern off site. Some providers might not be as reliable if they are called outside of regular business hours, but the effort should be made nonetheless once the emergency operators have been contacted.

Unplug outlets

If there is time to run around the premises to unplug sockets and turn off the power board, then that is a worthwhile exercise. Shutting off those domains during an electrical emergency will help operators to close off any avenues that could be causing the fault, allowing the specialists to arrive safely on site and diagnose where the issue is.

Remove family outside the areaAn electrician checking sockets due to homeowner local electrical emergency.

The safest approach that homeowners can take during an electrical emergency is to have everyone in your family located outside and situated a healthy distance away from the premises. The worst case scenario is that an explosion can occur as a result of this fault, and the further away the residents are from the area, the safer they will be.

Take note of emergency cause

When these situations arise, it is important to take note of the root cause of the issue. Amid all of the stress and panic, it won’t be the first thing that comes to mind, but it is something that can be explored in more detail during discussions with electricians and fire fighters. They will be able to detail what type of appliance or infrastructure malfunction led to this event, helping to educate men and women about what they can do in future to avoid an electrical emergency.

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